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Again about the floral wallpapers and their use at home

Shortly before the popular Easter festival, nature wakes up outside from its months of hibernation. Now spring is in full swing and everything around us is green and blooming. Beautiful flowers in a variety of shapes and colors bloom in competition and want to grab our attention. But we all know very well, this natural beauty is temporary. It is lost after most flowers have bloomed. However, there are tricks to admire unique flowers in your own four walls for a long time. If you want even more of this natural splendor, you can opt for floral wallpaper in your home. This is a timeless and elegant idea that will never go out of style! That is why today we want to show you over 25 ideas how you can use floral wallpapers in your home and in this way constantly surround yourself with a strong touch of nature.

The accent wall with flower wallpapers is a real eye-catcher in the living room.

Blumentapeten im Wohnraum Akzentwand ein Eyecatcher schöne rosa Blüten grüne Blätter auf dunklem Hintergrund

  • Clever tips on where and how to use floral wallpaper at home

There are floral wallpapers in the specialized wallpaper shops, which look absolutely timeless and are stylishly designed. The floral prints enchant our senses and sometimes even let our mind wander. They score with first-class design, perfect colors and unique flower shapes. With these characteristics it is very clear that they fit anywhere in modern houses and apartments. With floral wallpapers, you can only create an accent wall in the living room or bedroom. That would be completely enough to change the look in the room a lot. Then you could add matching textiles or furniture to match the floral prints. However, if you like contrasts, flower wallpapers are an excellent way to play with colors. For example, if the flower prints are on a dark background, then choose light-colored furniture that is shown to advantage in front of such wallpapers.

Beautiful floral wallpapers like this one bring a touch of luxury to the bedroom.

Blumentapeten luxuriöses Schlafzimmer alles andere weiß Tapete mit großen schönen Blüten auf dunklem Hintergrund

Small details that count.

Blumentapeten florale Prints auf dunklem Hintergrund sehr beeindruckend im Schlafzimmer Kontrast zu weißer Bettwäsche

How do you like the contrast between the beautiful flowers on a dark background and the white bed linen?

Blumentapeten florale Prints auf dunklem Hintergrund sehr beeindruckend im Schlafzimmer Kontrast zu weißer Bettwäsche ideen

Try atmospheric floral wallpaper in the living room for a gorgeous, sophisticated look. Or choose soft pastel colors to create a feeling of spring in the room. This method of use is very often used in bedrooms. The floral wallpapers definitely bring more romance and a feminine touch to the room. Any wallpaper that you like would go well here: colorful and dramatic, neutral and pastel colors or moody and dark. The last ones are very trendy right now. An accent wall with such floral wallpapers is enough to spice up the bedroom and make it more sophisticated. Choose colors and prints according to your individual wishes and your personal style and feel in your own bedroom as in a blooming garden! Find out here how you can add more luxurious touches to your bedroom!

Dark floral wallpapers are very trendy, they bring a little drama into the bedroom.

Blumentapeten schöne rosa Blüten auf dunklem Hintergrund bringen etwas Dramatik ins Schlafzimmer

High-contrast floral wallpapers create a romantic look in the bedroom.

Blumentapeten weiße florale Prints auf dunklem Hintergrund sehr beeindruckend im Schlafzimmer Kontrast

  • Where else can you use the floral wallpaper?

To answer this question right away: floral wallpapers are perfect for any room! For example, you can choose light-colored wallpapers with smaller prints for the baby or children’s room. They fit perfectly in these rooms! On the one hand, beautiful flower prints look amazing, on the other hand, your little ones would definitely like them too. Opt for soft pastel colors for a romantic children’s room or choose strong colors so that your child feels like it is in summer. If you need more ideas and want to create a colorful ambience and a happy atmosphere in the baby room, you can click here right away!

Flower power in the baby room!

Blumentapeten Akzentwand im Babyzimmer Zelt zum Spielen Bett viele Spielzeuge

A happy room atmosphere for sleeping and playing!

Blumentapeten Kinderzimmer fröhliche Raumatmosphäre schlafen spielen

Your little one will definitely feel comfortable and happy here!

Blumentapeten Babyzimmer helle Farben Weiß zartes Rosa Grau eine entspannende Raumatmosphäre viel Tageslicht

Of course, there are also beautiful floral wallpapers for kitchens and dining rooms. If you want to beautify these rooms at home, then rely on the blossoms of the floral wallpaper. The colors and format of the floral prints are entirely up to you and depend on your personal style and taste. Flower wallpapers also look fantastic in an open dining room with an integrated kitchen and give this room a sophisticated look.

Flower wallpapers are excellent in open room concepts, where they are real eye-catchers.

Blumentapeten offenes Raumkonzept Essecke Treppe Akzentwand schöne weiße florale Prints auf dunklem Hintergrund Kontraste

Sometimes it should be very colorful …….

Blumentapeten Esszimmer Esstisch Sitzbank bunte Sitzkissen gleiche Muster Farben wie auf der Wandtapete

Blumentapeten Küche plus Esszimmer bunte Wandtapete grüne Zimmerpflanzen

  • Can you use floral wallpaper in the bathroom?

Yes, there are water-resistant wallpapers with floral patterns that are specially designed for bathrooms or guest toilets. The use of floral wallpaper in bathrooms has even become a gorgeous and hot trend. With magnificent flowers you bring a heavenly feeling there and also make these rooms unique and inviting. You can add chic metal fittings and other nifty details to the floral wallpaper you choose. The sophisticated look is then guaranteed!

All you have to do is find matching mural wallpaper with beautiful floral patterns for the bathroom.

Blumentapeten im Bad passende Wandtapete schöne florale Muster Hocker Sitzkissen im visuellen Einklang Armaturen mit goldenem Finish

This floral wallpaper creates a WOW effect in the bathroom.

Blumentapeten zarte Blüten auf hellgrünem Hintergrund WOW Effekt im Bad

Last but not least, we want to give you some practical tips. If you have leftovers from floral wallpaper at home, you can use them on smaller areas. They are great for lining anything you want: steps, furniture, individual drawers, a kitchen cupboard or showcase and much more. For example, embellish an old dresser by covering the sides of the drawers with floral wallpaper, or make your vintage closet stunning with floral wallpaper inside. The next picture examples can encourage you to use your creative skills for practical things!

Give the old cupboard a second chance!

Blumentapeten verschönern den alten Geschirrschrank zweite Chance neuer Look

Blumentapeten Schubladen verschönern praktischer Einsatz

Let your creativity play a role!

Blumentapeten Kommode Schubladen verschönern praktischer Einsatz

Blumentapeten verschönern alter Geschirrschrank neuer Look

Blumentapeten Reste auf Treppe verwenden neuer Look praktischer Einsatz

Let yourself be impressed again by the beauty of the floral wallpapers!

Blumentapeten helle Wandtapete kleine florale Muster Treppenhaus viel Licht

Blumentapeten Akzentwand im Kinderzimmer hinter dem Kinderbett auf dem Dach unter der Dachschräge sehr romantisch

Blumentapeten im Bad rote Badewanne grüne Topfpflanzen entspannende Atmosphäre

Blumentapeten Kontraste im Bad dramatischer Look weiße Bad und WC Accessoires dunkle Tapete weiße Blüten

Blumentapeten im Wohnzimmer große florale Prints dunkler Hintergrund eyecatching

Blumentapeten bunte florale Prints gesättigte Farben Akzentwand im Flur Sitzbank Stehlampe

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