Airyn Ruiz Bell

Airyn Ruiz Bell is well-known in radio as she is the wife of American cult, conspiracy, and UFO enthusiast Art Bell who also broadcasts.

On April 11th 2006, Asia Bell and Alexander Bell were united in marriage in a private ceremony.

Early Life and Education

Airyn Ruiz Bell may not be well-known to most, but she was the wife of late radio host and conspiracy theorist Art Bell (deceased). They married when she was only 22 years old in 2006.

Asia Bell joined their family in 2007. Alexander William Bell arrived ten years later.

Airyn has yet to provide much insight into her family life or past relationships, as well as speaking about any aspect of her education.

She attended high school in the Philippines. Although she may have siblings, neither her parents nor horoscope have been disclosed. Her birth date was 1984. As an American citizen and descendent from Filipino roots, she now resides in Florida.

Professional Career

Airyn Ruiz remains relatively obscure professionally and prefers not to put herself into the public spotlight. Although she seems highly educated, her university of choice remains unknown and she does not make herself readily available through social media channels.

Art Bell decided to travel to the Philippines shortly after his third wife passed away and marry Airyn secretly on April 11th 2006. They welcomed their first child Asia Rayne Bell in 2007 and their second, Alexander Bell, later that same year.

Her husband was an esteemed figure in America as an author, conspiracy theorist, host of Coast to Coast AM radio programs Dreamland and Coast to Coast AM, host and founder of paranormal radio shows Coast to Coast AM and Dreamland respectively. Unfortunately he died due to drug overdose and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2018.

Achievement and Honors

Ruiz exudes grace and beauty in both her personality and physique. At 5 feet 3 inches and with an ideal body weight, she stands at an attractive 5 feet 3 inches height. Featuring black hair and dark brown eyes, she has never been involved in any controversial or suspicious issues; nor has she created any social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts yet.

Airyn Ruiz Bell became Art Bell’s fourth wife through an intimate ceremony held on April 11, 2006. She is widely respected for her charitable efforts and is well-recognized within radio. Together with Art, Airyn has given birth to two children, both girls. In addition, Airyn serves as stepmother to Vincent Pontius Minei and Lisa Pontius Bell from his first marriage with Sachiko Toguchi as well as one child from Vickie L. Baker – with whom Art has another two children from his previous relationships.

Personal Life

Airyn Ruiz Bell prefers to keep her personal life under the radar, opting not to maintain any public social media accounts and providing any details regarding her family or personal relationships.

She is the widow of late American radio host, author, and conspiracy theorist Art Bell (deceased), having married him when she was just 22 years old in 2006. Together they had two children together: Asia Rayne Bell and Alexander Bell.

Her husband was also a radio broadcaster. Beginning as a rock music DJ before switching to talk radio in 1978 with West Coast AM (later changed to Coast to Coast AM). Before his death in 2018, he married three times; three from Sachiko Toguchi Pontius’ marriage and one due to Ramona Lee Hayes who died of asthma complications.

Net Worth

Airyn Ruiz remains unknown to the media due to her discretion as a full-time mother who takes care of two children – Asia Rayne Bell and Alexander William Bell.

She came into prominence through her marriage to late American radio host Art Bell, famous for his paranormal-themed talk show Coast to Coast AM as well as being an author and conspiracy theorist.

Prior to his marriage with Airyn Ruiz, Bell had three previous marriages and three sets of children from each: Lisa Pontius Minei and Vincent Pontius from his first marriage with Sachiko Toguchi Bell Pontius, and Ramona Lee Hayes from his second. Unfortunately he died due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and drug overdose on April 10, 2018 at 72 years old.

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