Alema Harrington

Alema Harrington Reveals Her Story of Recovery

Alema Harrington, an American broadcast journalist and host Jazz Game Night on Root Sports Network has been in front the camera for almost two decades. Originally from Hawaii, Harrington played football at BYU from 1984 to 1988. She specialized in special teams and ran back, but later switched to broadcasting and became a substance abuse counselor. She currently spends her days helping others at the Renaissance Ranch rehabilitation center. She is a well-known name in Utah for her passion for sports and her career in sports broadcasting.

Former BYU running back and present KSL sports anchor, Harrington shares her story of recovery. Harrington, the son of a legendary Hawaiian athlete, grew up in Hawaii and relapsed as a drug addict. She became a licensed substance abuse counselor after almost dying in a car accident. She describes herself as “a miracle” and has shared her story on podcasts. Alema Harrington is the first Mormon to open up about a life shattered by addiction.

Harrington is the father of one girl and one boy, one of which is a daughter. Although he doesn’t share much information about his children, he’s reported earning between $10k and $90k a year. Harrington, who is 5′ 8″ tall, earns an estimated salary of $10k to $90k annually. It’s hard for us to believe that she has been sober for so many years. And now, she’s working on her next big thing: a new career as a broadcast journalist!

Although she is still in recovery from her addiction, Harrington is an inspiration. Today, Harrington is happier and has a positive outlook on the world. Addiction is a struggle for many people in the world. Addiction is a problem that affects different people in different ways. However, it is a serious problem with no known cure. You shouldn’t give up hope just because it’s yours. It’s possible to recover from addiction and become happier, healthier, and more positive.

Harrington was a student at BYU, and she was suffering from physical and mental pain after undergoing her second back surgery. Because there weren’t computerized systems in pharmacies, she began to get Vicodin and Percocet through different doctors. Eventually, she managed to get her addiction under control, and she went to rehab. She was using a dozen pills per day a month before the court pronounced her guilty.

Her hair has been thickening over the past year and her hairline appears younger. Only a small scar on her back is evidence of surgery. Alema is now more confident and successful than ever after the procedure. These results are not visible on high-definition television, but they look natural. You might not even notice that she’s had surgery!

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