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Love Island Couple Announces Baby Boy

Alex and Olivia Bowen welcomed a boy. The couple met on Love Island in 2016, married two years later, and announced their pregnancy in January. Their son was named Abel Jacob Bowen (or AJ) by the couple. They shared a cute family photo with the newborn on Instagram. Continue reading to learn more. On Sunday, Alex and Olivia were also seen out. Their friends and families congratulated Alex and Olivia.

The couple’s love story is a familiar one. Olivia was one the original cast members of Love Island. Alex met her on Day 18 and the couple stayed together for the rest of the season. Love Island has been criticised for lacking authenticity in the past. However, Alex and Olivia were a match made to be. The love story of the couple has been widely covered and is now a household name.

They met during the second season on Love Island. After their win, the public learned of their relationship. They met each other on the show, where they shared a tender kiss and discussed the possibility of having a baby. In a teaser clip, the two discussed the possibility of having children. And Alex is now eager to become a young father. His fans love that he is also a fitness model.

Alex was a sought-after personality even after winning the show. She has appeared on several reality TV shows, including ‘Love Island’. In the second season, Alex made his connection with Olivia Buckland, who had been in the show since day one. They were the finalists. Alex and Olivia are living a lavish life together, and she earned USD 3k through social media sponsorships. For more information on Alex Bowen, please follow his social media accounts.

Olivia and Alex Bowen are perfect examples of Love Island relationship goals. They were the first couple to marry on the show and have since had a beautiful life together. Alex proposed to Olivia Bowen on Dec. 31, 2016 and the couple got married on Sept. 15, 2018. The couple honeymooned together in the Maldives. Their son Abel Jacob was born in June 2022. Soon, they will celebrate their marriage.

The couple were seen together in public after their marriage. Olivia and Alex attended a TLC event on Wednesday. A year after their wedding, they were spotted attending the Nordoff Robbins Boxing Dinner. They also attended the Deliveroo Awards, London. The couple shared a birthday cake with their guests. They were seen together at an ASOS event Wednesday. Alex and Olivia also attended the London premiere for a new movie, ‘Love Island: The Hollywood Stars.

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