Alexandra Clancy

Alexandra Clancy – The Widow of Bestselling Author Tom Clancy

Alexandra Llewellyn, wife of best-selling author Tom Clancy since 1997 and business expert by trade. She runs her own line of fashion accessories as well as being known as an artist.

Her father J Bruce was an influential businessman, running Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company and creating North Carolina-based multimedia corporation Red Storm Entertainment before passing away with an estimated estate valued at more than $160 Million in 2010.

Early Life and Education

Alexandra Marie Llewellyn is the widow of best-selling espionage and military science novelist Tom Clancy and a respected business expert and fashion accessory designer. She runs her own company as well as participating in various charitable initiatives.

Llewellyn met her late husband, an ex-CIA official, in 1997 and they wed on June 26, 1999 when she was 21 and he 53. Their age difference generated some controversy among their public and media peers but this did not stop their lifelong partnership from progressing forward.

Alexandra is the feminine form of Alexander and means “defender of men.” It derives its meaning from two Greek words alexein (“to defend”) and aner (“man”). Alexandra is often chosen by mothers in countries where Greek, Germanic or Romance languages are spoken.

Professional Career

Alexandra has enjoyed an accomplished professional dance career as both performer and judge in tap competitions across Canada and North America.

She specializes in special needs planning. She collaborates with developmental, behavioral and mental health professionals, vocational programs and CILA providers to educate clients about government benefits such as SSI, SSDI, Ticket to Work programs, Medicaid and Medicare coverage for clients with special needs.

Her new lawsuit alleges that JREL allowed other entities to profit from posthumous book revenues and profits related to Jack Ryan that should have belonged exclusively to Tom Clancy’s estate. Her 2017 suit against Clancy’s personal representative, Lansing R Palmer is being pursued alongside this one. Attorney Lansing R Palmer will represent her.

Achievement and Honors

Alexandra Clancy earned a business degree at Bradford College before venturing forth and creating her own fashion accessories company. Her mother’s experience working as an assistant buyer at Bloomingdale’s in New York and fashion coordinator at Famous Barr in St Louis served as an important source of motivation.

Tom Clancy, best known for his books like ‘The Hunt for Red October’ and ‘Patriot Games, died in 2013 leaving behind an estate consisting of 535-acre farm, numerous real-estate holdings and 12 percent stake in Baltimore Orioles baseball team. When she inherited it after his passing she took on its management.

Clancy has filed suit against J.W. Thompson Webb, his estate’s personal representative, alleging they allowed two entities to profit from posthumous book sales involving Jack Ryan character after Clancy died. Clancy maintains that only their estate should own rights of this CIA operative; Lansing R Palmer of Nusinov Smith LLP in Baltimore will represent her.

Personal Life

Alexandra Clancy is the widow of famed suspense fiction author Tom Clancy (deceased). She lives an extravagant lifestyle while also managing to establish her own fashion accessories business.

She is the second child of her parents and has one half-sister from his first marriage. Additionally, she has a daughter named Alexis as well as four stepchildren from his previous unions.

She is engaged in a legal dispute with two companies regarding her late husband’s estate and character rights, including books written by him that were published without his authorship being considered works made for hire; JREL and JRLP disagree with this assertion, filing counterclaims against her in Maryland. Norman L. Smith and Paul D. Raschke from Nusinov Smith LLP represent her.

Net Worth

Alex Clancy has amassed quite the fortune during their twenty year marriage. She runs her own fashion accessories business as well as taking part in charitable initiatives.

She was born in New York City to Jacqueline Brown and J Bruce Llewellyn, both prominent business magnates. Her father served as CEO of Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company as well as managing federal agency Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

He was also renowned for his business acumen and collaborated with friends such as Colin Powell to advance causes related to black American ownership of businesses and investments. It is estimated that his worth at death stood at approximately $160 Million.

Alexandra met Tom through a family friend, and they married despite a significant age difference; he was 53 and she only 21.

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