Ali Wong Husband Net Worth

Ali Wong and Her Husband Justin Hakuta Net Worth

Ali Wong and her husband Justin Hakuta have two children. While they have yet to reveal their exact net worth, the couple have made quite a splash in the media. They have appeared on a number of television shows and movies.

Before getting married, they met at a friend’s wedding in 2010. They were married four years later. The pair have two kids together: Mari and Kai.

As far as their net worth goes, they are estimated to have around $3 million. Their daughter Mari is named after famous Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo. Aside from her acting career, she has written a book called “Baby Cobra.” She has starred in two comedy specials on Netflix.

She has also written a memoir about her life. Her book is very honest and raw. She never seems to shy away from acknowledging her husband’s support. After her divorce, she praised the prenuptial agreement.

While she was pregnant with her first child, she and her husband, Justin, went on a spiritual journey to Mexico to seek out a sacred plant known as Ayahuasca. This plant is alleged to have medicinal effects. However, it’s not clear how many people are actually benefiting from the experience.

The couple has shared photos of their daily struggles. They have also attended couple therapy sessions. Although the pair has not publicly disclosed their earnings, it’s safe to assume that their endorsements contribute to their net worth.

Ali Wong has written a book, a memoir, and has starred in several television shows and movies. But she’s most famous for her comedy show on Netflix. When she started dating Justin, she was seven months pregnant. It’s safe to say that she was a little out of her element.

Despite her comedy career, her real job is mother. In fact, she’s the main breadwinner in an unstable family. Both her daughters live in Los Angeles, where they go to school. During her tours, her husband helps with promotions. Since he has a full-time job, he isn’t always able to make it to every event.

Among all the shows she has starred in, the “Baby Cobra” comedy special on Netflix is the most notable. The show premiered in 2016, and it was a big hit. Afterwards, she and Justin welcomed a second daughter, Nikki. Until 2017, she was expecting another special for Netflix.

Even though Ali Wong has not revealed her exact net worth, she’s said to be richer than her husband. The couple has two children together, and they have interesting homes in both New York and Los Angeles.

It’s no surprise that they have a lot in common, as both of them have a background in science. Their parents, Adolphus and Tam “Tammy” Wong, were both anesthesiologists for Kaiser Permanente. Also, both have degrees in business. At Carnegie Mellon University and Harvard Business School, both of them studied and earned degrees in the field.

Ali Wong and her husband, Justin, have been married for eight years. After their marriage ended in April 2022, they split. However, they still co-parent their kids in a respectful manner.

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