Am I suitable for the fire service?

Am I suitable for the fire service?

Your character is suitable for service in the fire brigade. This will be checked on the basis of a personal interview as part of your recruitment test. You have a silver swimming badge that is not older than two years. You are in possession of a class 3 or class 3 driving license.

What do you need for the professional fire brigade?

Become a professional firefighter: What are the basic requirements for the application? Anyone who wants to become a professional firefighter should have at least a good secondary school certificate and, as a rule, successfully completed vocational training.

Why should you go to the fire department?

Rescue, extinguishing, recovering, protecting: you ensure security! Rescuing, extinguishing, recovering, protecting – these are how the tasks of the voluntary fire brigade can be succinctly summarized. Rescue has the highest priority.

What is the job of the fire brigade?

Duties of the fire brigade: The fire brigade’s task is to provide help in the event of fires, accidents, environmental hazards, storms and similar events! People, animals and property in particular need to be saved, protected and recovered.

Why is there a volunteer fire brigade?

This is due to the fact that there is a high density of volunteer fire brigades in the Federal Republic of Germany and help can therefore be provided directly and quickly outside of large cities. In other countries, professional fire brigades from the next largest city, which have long journeys to get there, are deployed in such cases.

How does the voluntary fire brigade work?

Computer-controlled, the dispatcher triggers the alarm for the emergency services. No more than 90 seconds should elapse between the receipt of the emergency call and the alarm. All active members of a voluntary fire brigade have so-called radio alarm receivers. You always carry this with you and are always available.

Why is it called a volunteer fire brigade?

A volunteer fire brigade (in Austria and Germany as a fixed term volunteer fire brigade; the official abbreviation in Germany, Austria and South Tyrol is FF) is a public fire brigade, which is mainly made up of volunteer members, sometimes also some full-time workers (e.g.

What does a volunteer fire brigade do?

The tasks of the volunteer fire brigade You support the professional fire brigade with technical assistance such as pumping out flooded cellars or clearing streets and roofs of bent trees. They rescue injured people in traffic accidents and of course classic fire extinguishing is one of them.

What do you need for the volunteer fire brigade?

You should have the following qualifications and characteristics: Previous knowledge of the fire service (e.g. through membership in the youth fire brigade), interest in fire protection education and emergency preparedness, team spirit and commitment, organizational skills, class B driving license.

What is the legal form of a volunteer fire brigade?

Voluntary fire brigades are therefore not always consciously organized in association form. In addition to registered associations, there are also unregistered associations. In many cases, both are not charitable. There are also development associations that either pass their funds on to the fire brigade association or the municipality.

How much do you earn as a volunteer fire brigade?

The answer is yes and no. As the name suggests, the members of the voluntary fire brigade work voluntarily. The volunteers in the voluntary fire brigade do not receive any salary for their commitment.

How much do you earn in the Federal Fire Brigade?

In the case of a career training for the senior fire service in the Federal Fire Brigade, the salary is as follows. During the training period, you will receive a net salary of around 2030 euros. This increases to 2,300 euros after the training and to 2,500 euros after a further two years.

How much does a firefighter earn per month?

The monthly salary as a firefighter is 1004 euros gross.

How much does a fire chief earn?

from 1.1.2021 for district fire councils 1,042.30 to 2,160.00 €, for district fire inspectors 573.80 to 1,242.00 € and for district fire chiefs 234.90 to 432.10 €.]

How much does an inspector earn?

Inspector salaries in Germany As an inspector you can expect an average salary of € 37,400. The salary range as an inspector is between € 29,100 and € 44,200. Anyone looking for a job as an inspector will find a large number of job offers in the cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

What does a fire inspector earn?

As a civil servant in the high-level fire service, your salary as a senior fire inspector candidate falls into grade A. In career group 2, the first entry-level office, your income ranges between grades A10 to A13 and is between around 2300 A euros gross per month in A13.

How much do you earn in the airport fire department?

The earnings at an airport fire brigade depend, among other things, on your rank and your experience. While you can expect an average gross salary of around 920 euros in the first year of your apprenticeship, you will get an average of 1050 euros in the third year of your apprenticeship.

How much do you earn as a soldier?

Examples of gross salaries for unmarried soldiers: Corporal (A 4 – level 1): 2,189.57 euros. Sergeant (A 7 – level 2): ​​2,439.86 euros. Lieutenant (A 9 – Level 2): ​​2,789.33 euros. Hauptmann (A 11 – level 3): 3,675.26 euros.

How much does a firefighter earn net?

A firefighter earns a gross starting salary of 1,830 euros per month. The average monthly salary for a firefighter in Austria is EUR 1,990.00 gross and EUR 1,477.22 net. This means that the gross salary is above the Austrian average. To get the monthly salary or

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