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Amaryllis – this extraordinary flower beauty delights us at Christmas

The winter beauty Amaryllis is better known in this country as a knight’s star. Florists claim that the common name Amaryllis is incorrect, it is a question of two different bulb flowers that show their blooming splendor in the dreary winter months and are often confused. The reason for this can actually be found in history. In the past, both plants were botanically named as amaryllis, only later were they classified differently. The real amaryllis (Amaryllis belladonna) originally comes from South Africa. It still blooms in autumn and has fragrant, pink flowers. Very often, however, the colloquial term Amaryllis refers to the knight’s star. It comes from South America and is assigned to the genus Hippeastrum. This name comes from the Greek, hippeos means knight and astron means star. This is in full harmony with the star-shaped flowers that charm us at Christmas. No matter what you call these winter beauties, one thing is certain: they are subtropical bulb flowers that have to be properly cared for so that we can admire their splendor every Christmas!


Chase away the winter gray with the beautiful amaryllis


Marvel at the amaryllis’ rich color palette, from white to pink and red to burgundy

The genus of these onion plants now includes around 70 species and over 600 cultivated forms. That is why there is a wide variety of colors and patterns. The color palette of the flowers ranges from white to pink and red to dark red nuances. There are also great hybrid forms. But don’t let this winter beauty seduce you and stay vigilant, because all of its parts are poisonous! Therefore, careful handling of the plant is called for here, preferably it should stand far away from small children and pets!


Flowering amaryllis is a sight to behold, but caution is advised: all of its parts are poisonous!


Lush flowers, especially for Christmas, complement your home decoration

The amaryllis is a popular house plant for many Germans in winter because it blooms at Christmas. Thanks to its beautiful flowers, it is often preferred as a gift or integrated into the Christmas decorations at home. Many Germans add a fresh touch to their Christmas decorations and create great eye-catchers. The flower is extremely easy to care for. You can buy a bulk bulb and plant it in a pot at home in late fall or early winter. Let part of the onion stick out of the ground. Use substrates that contain sand, potting soil, and hydroponics. You need to water abundantly right after planting. The onion flower only needs a few weeks and will delight you with its beautiful flowers, which means your effort will not be in vain! During the flowering period, the amaryllis needs proper watering and fertilization every two weeks. So you can admire their blossoms until March. During these weeks the plant needs a bright, but not too sunny location, where the room temperature reaches a maximum of 20 degrees C. As already mentioned, it is undemanding and can even handle the dry warmth in a heated room.


Easy to care for and so beautiful!

Like all other bulbous plants, the amaryllis has three phases of vegetation. Obviously, their blooming phase is in winter, followed by a growth phase in spring and lasting until summer. The rest phase then begins in late summer. During these three different periods, the plant needs different care. Still in spring, right after the flowering phase. you can take them outside where the amaryllis can stay until September. You will feel good in the garden or on the balcony and soak up the sun. At the beginning of its resting phase, it prefers a dark location and low temperatures, around 16 degrees C. Many hobby gardeners bring their plant into the cellar during this time, while others leave it in the garden because it is frost-free.

Our advice, however, is: Take care of this unique winter beauty so that it will delight you again this Christmas with its magnificent blossoms!


Amaryllis flowers are a great eye-catcher at Christmas


The amaryllis flowers brighten up your winter


The beautiful flower needs a warm, not very sunny spot at home during its flowering phase


Elegance in light red


Your Christmas decorations can look different thanks to the amaryllis in bloom

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