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Amazing wallpaper patterns

When looking at these motif wallpapers, you would forget the monochrome wall colors. Versatility and numerous nuances of wall design options are the two main characteristics of these amazing wallpaper patterns.

Noble wallpapers in metallic or leather look

Beautiful appearance: wallpapers that look as if they were made of gold, streaked with silver veins or made from the finest leather. Because that would be far too expensive, we opt for illusions made of fleece and paper. Delicate sheet gold with a pretty pattern or fine leather in natural colors – that’s what we’ve put on our walls. Not really, of course, because that would be way too expensive. We opt for the deceptively real variants made of fleece and paper.

The warm, shiny colors and leather look look quite classy. The elegant patterns make us think of the upscale interior of a palace. In addition to the luxurious effect, we feel optical warmth in the ambience. The golden nuances and delicate colors contribute to this. Invite the light into your interior with this wall design.

With these wallpapers it is possible to decorate the wall with your favorite colors - look gold metal leather look wallpaper pattern living room

With these wallpapers it is possible to design the wall with your favorite colors

Now let’s continue with the neutral colors. These wallpapers with 3-D effect cleverly create an optical illusion. As wall decorations, they offer impressive eye-catchers that bring mobility and mood with them. The imitation of a wall relief or the static fuzz would look unique on the wall in your home.

Designer wallpapers in warm colors and great patterns-The 3-D photo wallpaper forest 3-D effect motif fabric pattern unique wall murals

Designer wallpapers in warm colors and with great patterns. The 3-D photo wallpaper is always a highlight in the room!

The black and white geometric figures and patterns transport us into the splendid interiors of historical and architectural buildings. The intricate lines and the stucco pattern are extremely creative design options. The atmosphere of the Far East can be felt. Put on suitable home accessories and your designer apartment is ready!

The geometric shapes and colors bring structure to the design-white stucco wall design designer wall wallpaper living room wall relief

The geometric shapes and colors bring structure to the design

Are you ready to hear more ideas like this? These great ethnic patterns and images of African trees bring an exotic flair to the decor. Incidentally, textile wallpapers make your living space comfortable and exclusive. A subtle retro touch is achieved with one simple step.

Ethnic pattern in orange and brown wall mural african trees textile wallpaper retro exotic ethnic print

Ethnic patterns in orange and brown add an exotic touch to the ambience

The neutral colors in this photo prepare the floor for a stunning decor. Large black and white stripes, gloss and patterns create an optical structure and a stylish ambience in the room. The wallpaper with forest motifs would be a hit in the living room or bedroom.

Impressive wall murals with geometric patterns-white gloss wall design living room bedroom

Impressive wall wallpapers with geometric patterns

Designer wallpaper with palm motif in green and blue-exotic tropical wallpaper palm trees mural stripes ethnic pattern tile pattern

Designer wallpaper with palm tree motif in green and blue

With these tropical motifs in green and blue in the background, you are not stuck on the sofa, but on a Caribbean island. The shades of blue might particularly appeal to those of you who like to travel. Incidentally, we find a restrained variant with the geometric pattern in water green and white.

Brave and creative use of patterns-mural wallpaper baroque whimsical classic figures motifs red blue green

You can also bravely use creative patterns

Subtle pattern wallpaper in the hallway wall mural wall design classic simple gray motif pattern wallpaper

Discreet pattern wallpaper in the hallway

Finally, we offer you two contrasting options. Which one suits your taste?

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