Amnon Rodan

Amnon Rodan – A Force to Be reckoned With

Amnon Rodan may not get as much recognition as Katie Rodan does with her skincare empire, but he is quietly creating his own legacy – from business development to helping children get ahead in life, Amnon is an influential presence.

He serves as Chairman of Rodan + Fields and national board member of buildOn and Service Year Alliance, two organizations dedicated to increasing national service opportunities. He also is an Aspen Art Museum partner.

Early Life and Education

Katie Rodan may be best-known as part of a dynamic skincare duo that has shaken up the beauty industry, but her husband Amnon is making his mark too. An accomplished entrepreneur himself, Amnon has built his own empire while contributing to Jewish causes and charities.

Amnon is one of the primary factors behind Rodan + Fields’s success and serves as board chair of their philanthropic arm, Prescription for Change Foundation. With over 25 years of business development and marketing expertise under his belt, Amnon brings immense knowledge to Rodan + Fields’ endeavor.

He and Katie live in Piedmont, Calif. with their children Elana and Daniela, where both are active members of their Jewish community – Elana as a 2022 Bay Area Wexner Heritage Fellow; both taking part in East Bay Federation Israel Emergency Campaign as well as other initiatives.

Professional Career

Amnon Rodan serves as chairman of Rodan + Fields, leading its strategic vision and growth. Additionally, he sits on the board of its philanthropic arm – Prescription for Change Foundation – which offers youth empowerment programs.

Kathy Feldes first arrived on Stanford’s medical school campus for her dermatology residency in 1984 wearing white skirts and sky-high heels – while most of her classmates sported pleated Dockers and frumpy button-down shirts. Instantaneously bonding with fellow resident Dr. Katie Rodan over their shared fashion tastes, and remaining friends to this day.

They now operate Rodan + Fields anti-aging skincare brand together and maintain a private cosmetic dermatology practice in San Francisco; often seen together in matching white coats at their office.

Achievement and Honors

Though Katie may be better-known, Amnon should not be overlooked; his sharp mind and creative ideas have helped make an impression in business circles worldwide.

He currently serves as chairman emeritus for Rodan + Fields and sits on the boards of BuildOn and Service Year Alliance, both organizations that aim to increase national service opportunities across America. Furthermore, he chairs R+F’s charitable arm Prescription for Change Foundation.

He enjoys spending quality time with family and friends as well as traveling – having visited numerous countries worldwide. Additionally, he has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars regarding topics like entrepreneurship, business development, marketing and sales.

Personal Life

While Katie Rodan may be known for their skincare empire, Amnon plays an equally vital role. He has made waves and proven himself a powerful force.

Rodan + Fields have been partners for over 25 years and co-created Proactiv. As well as running their successful skincare company, Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation provides them with charitable work opportunities.

Amnon is a national board member for buildOn and Service Year Alliance, two groups dedicated to expanding national service opportunities within the US. He also sits on the Aspen Art Museum board. Together with his wife in Piedmont, California – where they’ve amassed an impressive art collection – Amnon boasts impressive national leadership credentials in national service initiatives.

Net Worth

Stanford-trained dermatologist Dr. Mary-Clare Tyrrell co-created Proactiv Solution, which has sold more than four billion packets. Additionally, she maintains her own cosmetic dermatology practice.

Rodan+Fields was co-founded by her and Kathy Fields and offers its products through direct sales channels. Rodan+Fields is best known for its anti-aging skin care offerings that utilize multilevel marketing models.

Amnon is chairman of Katie’s skincare empire, playing an equally significant role in its success. Amnon has established himself in several fields such as real estate and finance; additionally he is involved with multiple charities. Amnon holds both a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University and Bachelors in Economics from Loyola Marymount University.

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