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An espresso, please!

Espresso is like the temperament of Italy – fiery, inspiring and dramatic. Espresso is a cult. Espresso is a ritual and a myth at the same time. He pampers the senses and the soul. He is our loyal companion in work and everyday life, encourages imagination and leisure activities. Espresso is always there.

Take a break

Take a break

The seduction begins even before the small cup, whose thick walls are supposed to hold “the black fire”, is put to your lips. Because espresso means coffee enjoyment that touches all the senses. It starts with the eyes, which expectantly follow the ritual of preparation in beautiful, modern equipment. The ears hear the rough grinding of the fragrant coffee beans and the anticipation of the pleasurable pleasure can be felt throughout the body. Shortly afterwards, the nose also closes in, which perceives the seductive scent of the velvety espresso in the small cup. And at the end, with the first small sip, you experience the perfect enjoyment of the drink on your tongue.


Espresso is small, but pleases all the senses. The perfect espresso is always covered in foam. The foam, the so-called crema, should be golden brown with light stripes and form a closed blanket over the coffee. Isn’t it a sheer luxury that this work of art can be drunk quickly in three small sips ?! And only then does its subsequent, pleasant effect as a virtuoso pick-me-up come!

the-perfect-espresso-is-always-covered with foam

The secret of good espresso starts with mixing the coffee beans. Mainly Arabica varieties are used, which are then roasted darker than for the filter coffee. This makes the espresso more digestible and contains less acid than normal coffee. In addition, the beans are freshly ground. If the powder is too fine, the espresso takes longer than 30 seconds and therefore tastes a little bitter and stronger. If the grind is too coarse, however, the steam from the espresso machine penetrates the powder too quickly and releases far fewer aromas and flavors.


Espresso is a delightful drink and it is no wonder that it is enjoyed with relish in countless variations as cappuccino, latte macchiato or in trendy drinks in coffee shops and espresso bars around the world. Originally from Milan, Italy. There it is still served with a glass of water and delicate almond biscuits.



espresso-indulges-senses-and-soul-at the same time

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