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Animal prints: love or hate these patterns?

People’s interests and preferences are always individual, so they are different from person to person and in many cases even in stark contrast to one another. Many people are enthusiastic about faux fur and various animal patterns, others see them as cheesy imitations.

Animal print ?! Numerous opinions on this are far from each other. But in my experience it is a polarization pattern that is either loved or loathed, with equal conviction on both sides. Its critics are repelled by the boastful use of artificial animal skins indoors because it reminds them of the game-hunting mentality. But there are also millions of enthusiasts for whom an animal pattern in all its great variations looks neutral. They find it goes well with all textures, exudes a lot of warmth and reminds them of the natural world in the same way that wood does. Loved or hated, the animal print is an old and well-known pattern that adorns the interior in almost every style. Here we want to show you 12 examples of how you can use animal prints and faux fur all over your home.

Combine different animal prints with each other

Furnish furniture with a leopard print

Interesting animal prints on the upholstery for an upscale look in the dining room

Not only can you mix an animal print well with other patterns, it can be combined just as well with other variants of the same pattern. A tried and tested technique is to select two animal patterns of similar size and color. In the photo we can see how two zebra prints and a leopard print in medium brown tones work wonderfully together. They emphasize the charm of this ambience with a stone fireplace and well-designed wooden furniture and floor in a warm shade of brown. A cohesive, earthy aesthetic has been achieved here.

Do you want to have a great safari atmosphere at home?

Throw pillow pattern sofa Animal prints

Different tiger patterns create a peculiar safari atmosphere in this stylishly designed room.

A majestic tiger on the mural steals the show in this stylishly furnished room. The safari theme is well represented in this ambience, because we see more animal patterns on the furniture upholstery. They look fresh and original in their unexpected mix and bring southern warmth to the room. Since most animal prints are pretty neutral, they pair nicely with just about any hue.

A mix of patterns and colors to admire

Luxury carpet animal print

Pure eclecticism

When we’re on the subject of colors, we’ll immediately show you how many different colors can work together. In this room you will see a colorful mix of unexpected details. Eye-catching is the flowered sofa upholstery, paired with the green and white print of the curtains and the conventional animal print on the carpet. The whole room looks eclectic thanks to the colorful books on the shelf and the bright yellow coffee table in the middle. Despite any logic, this colorfulness is impressive and leaves no one indifferent, doesn’t it?

Animal prints on faux leather

Giraffe in furniture

Animal prints are trendy again!

Textiles aren’t the only way to express your affection for animal prints. A less committed use of these patterns is to paint a small piece of furniture yourself with these patterns and still make it look classic. On this DIY project, you can use stencils to create beautiful zebra or tiger stripes. Or maybe you are aiming for a giraffe pattern?

Pure eclecticism, but it works well

Large and eclectic room with animal prints decoration

Again an eclectic room, where all the patterns and colors stick together and result in an admirable colourfulness

If you look carefully at this room, you will easily see: this is pure eclecticism! There are patterns after patterns, colors next to colors! Each pattern is always completely different from the others in the interior. The color palette is so colorful that it makes me dizzy. In this colorfulness, however, everything somehow holds together and that’s something to be admired, right?

Beauty in black and white

Chairs living room zebra print

A classic zebra print works excellently in this stylishly designed room in black and white

Warm dark brown and animal prints in light colors paired up

Zebra printed accent chair

These animal prints appear sublime in warm shades of brown

Here we see a completely different approach to combining different animal prints with one another. These patterns come out very well for two reasons. Firstly, because they are made in light shades, and secondly, they stand out superbly against the dark background of the dark brown walls and curtains.

Make a clear statement by choosing an animal patterned sofa

Living room interior design animal prints

A sofa that attracts everyone’s attention

With such a sofa you hit the mark straight away! It is classically elegant, comfortable and beautifully patterned. That is why the sofa is immediately transformed into a great eye-catcher in any ambience.

Fabulous combination of exotic and romantic

Leopard animal print bedding

Animal prints bring exoticism and a can of romance to this room

If you are just wondering what kind of duvet you can use in a practically furnished room, then we have the solution! Get yourself a soft duvet made of faux fur in a striking animal pattern and bring exoticism and a can of romance into the ambience! You can never go wrong with this choice!

Very often small details have a big effect in the interior

Decorative pillows, sofa cushions, animal print

Small details with a big impact

For the end we left these little decorative pillows, because they look really fabulous with their graphic patterns and give the interior the finishing touch!

Do you want to feel a little thrill?

leopard print bedding set

An animal pattern on the bedspread creates more mood

When you hear the call of the wilderness or feel the need for new experiences, pull your animal-patterned bedspread out of the closet. This will give you a lot of warmth and put you in a better mood!

Youthful and glamorous

Black and white animal print room ideas

A dream bedroom in black and white

Last but not least, we want to show a special bedroom. Many of you have certainly waited a long time to see something like this. You could call it a dream bedroom, in black and white and with little pink accents. The design is youthful and has sophistication. Every detail is well thought out here and in the right place. Enjoy the sight and don’t stop dreaming!

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