Anja Koseling

Till Lindemann and Anja Koseling

Till Lindemann is an industrial metal musician, songwriter and poet from Germany best known as the lead vocalist of Rammstein.

He is father to Nele and Marie Louise and was previously married to Anja Koseling, an educator by trade who took an active part in charity and philanthropy efforts.

Early Life and Education

Till Lindemann and Anja Koseling were one of the most passionate couples until they parted ways due to unknown reasons. After marrying in 1985 and giving birth to Nele a year later, both joined LindemannDubZ band where Nele is now singing as one of its lead vocalists; her half-sister Marie Louise also features heavily in their lives.

In the early 1990s, this couple surprised fans by announcing they were expecting their first child. Four years later, however, they divorced due to irreconcilable differences and filed for legal separation.

Lindemann was later in a brief relationship with Russian model Marina Drujko in 2000 before dating actress Sophia Thomalla from April 2011 to November 2015 for over three years. Lindemann is father to two daughters from his previous marriages as well as Khira who retains the Lindemann surname as her mother retained it rather than marry Kruspe.

Professional Career

Anja has established herself as an executive consultant specializing in business development and organizational change management, as well as being certified as a Systemic Business Coach.

Nele Lindemann has followed in her father’s footsteps as the lead singer for LindemannDubZ band. Nele studied theater and literature at the FU Berlin, has appeared at Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe and as advisor to show director Anna Bergmann; additionally she organized a play brought In to Nurseries of Lysistrata Section 2.

Till has been married twice before, both ending quickly. His first marriage was with Marieke Lindemann and gave rise to Nele. However, they parted ways after some time and eventually married Anja Koseling; together they have given rise to Marie Louise – their second daughter together.

Achievement and Honors

Till Lindemann, best known as the lead vocalist of industrial metal band Rammstein, married Anja Koseling in 1985 and their marriage lasted until 1997 when they parted ways due to irreconcilable differences. Together, the couple shared one daughter named Marie Louise. Anja worked as both an educator and an actress at Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe; additionally she studied theater and writing at FU Berlin as well as counseling show director Anna Bergmann during this time period. Additionally she is half sister of Nele Lindemann with several musical videos posted onto YouTube as well.

Personal Life

Till Lindemann has an uncertain relationship with his family. He has two daughters from previous marriages – Nele and Marie Louise. It has also been reported that he may have secret wife named Svetlana Loboda although no details are forthcoming regarding this potential union.

Till married Marieke in 1985 and divorced her in 1997; he then found happiness with Anja Koseling whom he has one daughter with.

Nele, his daughter, has followed in her father’s footsteps and pursued singing as well. She studied theatre and writing at the FU Berlin and has performed with Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe as well as acting as advisor to show director Anna Bergmann for In the Nurseries of Lysistrata Section 2. Nele has an younger sister Marie Louise born 1993 who also studies singing.

Net Worth

At present, she does not reveal her net worth; however, according to reports from various online sources she could potentially earn between $1-5 Million annually from her professional singing career.

Nele Lindemann was raised as the only child by her ex-husband for the first seven years of her life as a single father. Marie Louise Lindemann was also born during their relationship; their brief relationship lasted between April 2011 and November 2015.

Kling’s younger sister Gerit is an accomplished German film, television, and voice actor best known for her part in the 1989 feature film Green Wedding and her supporting roles in two DEFA plays Thanks for the Flowers (1988) and Mit Leib und Seele (1988). Additionally, Gerit is a member of AEK (German Actors Association).

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