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Aquarius annual horoscope 2017 and the influence of the Fire Rooster

New Year New luck! This applies to everyone born under the Aquarius zodiac sign, both at work and in private life. The year of the Fire Rooster begins on January 28th and you have to accept new rules in everyday life and be prepared for pleasant surprises. The Aquarians do not need to plan certain changes in their lives, these will come by themselves this year, because the Fire Rooster has already taken care of them. The best vacation time for you is in July and in September you can take better care of your detox program and keep a suitable diet. This year of the Rooster of Fire you can give free rein to your artistic talents. If you are planning to renovate your home in 2017, autumn is the best time to start.


You are guaranteed success in your job


Happiness in your private life awaits you!

In the job Everything is going well in 2017, the year of the Rooster of Fire. Great career opportunities are now open to you. In February you will receive new, tempting offers, many of them from old friends. Most likely, you will start a new job. It is, of course, undesirable to take risks, but with the greatest possible certainty you will not face any financial difficulties in 2017 on a new project. A significant advancement in the job awaits you from November. You even need to expand your business and hire a new team. You have the chance to make a real breakthrough in professional life.

The Love horoscope the Aquarians go hand in hand with their professional success. Love will be all around you. Your strong feelings of love will put you in the mood for optimism in spring. The influence of the fire rooster can even be assessed as a lucky child. For all Aquarians born in January, boredom is a foreign word throughout 2017. You will make new, interesting acquaintances, travel a lot and surely the singles can meet their great love. You can impress them with your intelligence and win them over. Don’t miss your good chances in love 2017!

travel-a lot-2017-discover-interesting-travel-destinations

In 2017, all Aquarians will travel a lot. Interesting travel destinations are just waiting to be discovered by you!


Spend your free time in a country house or villa, where you can feel the contact with the great outdoors up close

The Health horoscope the motto of the Aquarians is “Relax and keep absolute calm!” Try to free yourself from everyday stress, go to the gym or get a massage. Linger longer in the fresh air and enjoy the contact with the great outdoors. A longer stay in a villa or in a country house will do you particularly well. Prefer healthy food, everything that comes directly from nature is recommended, for example milk, fresh fruit and vegetables. Aquarians born between January 31st and February 9th have an enemy called the winter cold. Before you go out of the house, you need to dress really warm during the cold months and prevent any colds. Drink plenty of warm tea, but forget about strong coffee and smoking, especially in the morning. Prefer to drink smoothies or freshly squeezed juices. This strengthens your immune system and is always good for you. Also think about a change in your appearance, that will recharge you with new life force and put you in a positive mood.


Fresh salads must be part of your daily menu


Fresh fruits and vegetables have to be eaten in large quantities this year

Look forward to a successful and happy one ahead of you and you will definitely experience the next 12 months sensibly and with pleasure.


A harmonious life, full of success and happiness is ahead of you in 2017!

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