Are children mentioned on the résumé?

Are children mentioned on the résumé?

Formally, however, you do not have to mention children in your résumé, this information is private and is hardly ever relevant to the position. It can be different if information on marital status or children is required in the job advertisement, as is the case with religious employers.

How are children indicated on the résumé?

Most applicants realize that children can, if desired, be listed in the first place in the résumé, namely in the “Personal data” block. Then the information in the application reads as follows, for example: “Monika Schmidt, born on X, married, two children”.

Where do you write parental leave on your résumé?

In the classic structure, there is no special entry for parental leave in the résumé. Rather, parental leave should be included in the tabular listing of your professional career. Parental leave is not itself a job, but it is a professional station.

How do you write in your résumé while being single?

The correct place for the indication of the marital status is the curriculum vitae. The marital status can be listed right at the beginning under the details of address, telephone numbers, date of birth, and place of birth. In the cover letter, however, the marital status has no place.

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