Are Laws Quotable?

Are Laws Quotable?

Regardless of the citation style, laws are always cited in the same way. The reference is in brackets in the running text or in the footnote, depending on how it is cited. Always quote the official version of the law: 81 paragraph 1 sentence 3 BGB.

Is the Handelsblatt worthy of citation?

However, these are usually not real online sources, but the online editions of specialist journals that also appear in printed form. The online editions of large national newspapers, such as B. Spiegel Online, Süddeutsche Zeitung or Handelsblatt.

Which newspapers are quotable?

As with all other sources, it is important that the sources for the German citation in the footnote are reliable. Among the newspapers, for example, the Handelsbatt and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung are quotable works for academic papers.

How to quote a dictionary?

Lexicon articles are included in the footnotes and in the bibliography according to the following citation rule: Name, first name: Title, in: Name of the dictionary, volume, place of publication, year of publication, column x – y. The name of the lexicon can – if this is customary in the individual course of study – be abbreviated.

How do I cite an online dictionary?

Nowadays the online version is usually used …. Cite online dictionary according to APA.APA format organization. (Year). Dictionary title. Retrieved on the day. Month Year, from URL In the bibliography Dudenredaktion (n.d.). Duden online. Retrieved on October 8, 2020 from more row •

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