Are references certificates?

Are references certificates?

The job reference is the evaluation of the work performance of the employee by the employer. For example, a job reference must always be formulated benevolently. The reference, on the other hand, is a voluntary letter of recommendation that does not have to meet any formal legal rules.

What is reference information?

In the case of reference information in the curriculum vitae, it is assumed that the reference persons are informed and authorized to provide reference information. Employees / applicants have a right to know which information has been given to whom.

How do you ask about a part-time job in a store?

I wanted to inquire about a part-time job with them. , “Then you just say how long you could work. In any case, appear friendly & show that you really want this job. But you could also go straight to the stores and introduce yourself in person.

What’s the best way to ask about a vacation job?

Just say that you are interested in a vacation job and ask if they are still looking for someone to help out. You dare. You go into the store and ask one of the salespeople whether the boss should be briefed. If not, ask when he or she would have a short time for you, you are looking for a vacation job.

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