Are scanned contracts legally valid?

Are scanned contracts legally valid?

As long as the legislature does not impose any special formal requirements on the parties involved, contractual declarations can easily be documented with scanned signatures. This means that the contract or

Who signs the employment contract for the company?

Both parties who sign the employment contract will receive an original of this document. This means that both employer and employee have to sign two (identical) employment contracts.

Is an email legally binding?

However, emails are only legally binding to a limited extent and can only be used to a limited extent as evidence in court. In principle, declarations of intent can be made legally effective without adhering to a special form, i.e. also verbally or through conclusive behavior.

Who gets the original in a contract?

Unless of course there are special regulations such as training contracts. A contract is duly drawn up in two (2) copies and both copies are signed by both parties. Each party receives a signed, identical copy of the contract.

When is the contract considered concluded?

A rental contract that is to be concluded for longer than a year must be concluded in writing in accordance with Section 550 of the German Civil Code (BGB). If the contract has not been concluded in writing, it is deemed to have been agreed for an unlimited period. An employment contract can also be concluded orally.

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