Aret Adams

Aret Adams

Aret Adams is a distinguished oil professional who revolutionised Nigeria’s oil industry. He pioneered its National Oil Policy that eventually led to the successful implementation of NLNG project. Additionally, he served as Group Chief Executive Officer of NNPC until his retirement in 1990.

Adams had a strong track record of standing firm against any attempts to lower industry standards, ultimately returning into government as Special Adviser on Petroleum Resource under General Abdulsalami Abubakar’s leadership in 1998.

Early Life and Education

Aret Adams was born in Braintree, Massachusetts. Although his background was modest, he quickly showed signs of intellectual brilliance as early as preschool age.

Adams learned to read at home or from his neighborhood’s “dame,” but soon lost interest in school. When his father enrolled him at a private school, Joseph Marsh, Adams’s new teacher, reignited his passion for learning.

He trained as a lawyer before eventually being elected President of the United States. While in office, he advocated for government support of arts and sciences as well as national improvement projects.

Professional Career

Adams became internationally-recognized for his series of Yosemite National Park photographs that earned critical acclaim. Additionally, his works were displayed at museums worldwide.

Adams collaborated with Edward Weston to establish Group f/64, an artistic collective dedicated to advancing photography as fine art. Their dedication helped shape photography’s history and solidify its position within modernism.

He founded and published two books about photography.

Adams had a distinguished photographic career and was also an active member of the Sierra Club, serving as its director and organizing its annual conservation conventions and wildflower festivals.

Achievement and Honors

Adams was an enthusiastic proponent of photography as an art form. As one of the pioneers in using large-format cameras, his pioneering efforts helped transform it from an inexpensive hobby into a sophisticated craft.

As a leader of the movement to preserve natural areas and wildlife habitats, he also served on the National Parks Foundation from 1945 until 1960 as director.

Aret was admired by his colleagues at NNPC for his commitment to excellence and pragmatic lifestyle, believing strongly in meritocracy while fighting to abolish petroleum subsidies.

Personal Life

Adams was born in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria on February 27, 1938 and attended Edo College, Benin City from 1952-57; University College (now University of Ibadan) 1958-1960 before enrolling at University of Glasgow Scotland (1960-1964).

Adams was quite shy as a youth, often seeking refuge in nature for comfort. This shyness was compounded by his disfiguring nose from falling during 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

At twelve, Adams found solace in music. He taught himself how to read and play piano; this hobby would continue into the 1920s.

Net Worth

Adams has received both Grammy and Juno awards during his distinguished musical career. Additionally, he was honored as an Officer of the Order of Canada.

He is also an accomplished photographer, publishing several books of his photographs and displaying them at galleries and museums around the country.

He has work featured in numerous prestigious institutions’ permanent collections, such as the National Gallery of Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Peabody Essex Museum. Additionally, it has been published in publications like The New Yorker and Hyperallergic.

His acting career has also netted him significant earnings, having appeared in films like Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Enchanted as well as starring in an HBO series based on Gillian Flynn’s thriller Sharp Objects.

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