Art in the living room interior

What happens when art takes on the central role in a living room interior? What do rooms look like in which a central work strongly influences the character of the room? When and how does art become something more than a linchpin in interior design?

There are many possible answers!

The applied techniques that serve this purpose are very varied and consistently intelligent. Often they perfectly complement the color palette. In other cases, the work of art illustrates the character of the living room furnishings by “combining” its shapes, colors or textures.

Wohnzimmereinrichtung Ideen bilder grau design

The artwork on the wall compliments the color palette in this modern living room

Work of art with the colors of the interior

Weld the color palette of your interior design together with a large-scale work of art for the wall. This immediately takes on a central aesthetic and functional role in the room. If you also choose an elegant theme, you bring the living room furnishings to a very high level.

modern Wohnzimmereinrichtung grauer Hintergrund

An interesting work of art spices up the bare wall

For an extremely modern design, professional interior designers recommend the following strategy: They recommend a neutral background and a few accents in eye-catching colors. The latter in particular should then also be included in the great work of art.

Wohnzimmereinrichtung modern Ecksofa Deko Kissen Wandbild

A modern painting sets the tone of the living room furnishings here

Strong contrast between the artwork and the furniture

Both the work of art and the furniture can be meaningful and still create a uniform appearance together. It works when both contrast and are in balance at the same time. You can come to this conclusion in a variety of ways. One possibility would be for art and furniture to show related shapes and contrasting colors. The reverse variant would also be possible.

kräftige Farben Wandbild modernes Wohnzimmer

The artwork usually provides color contrast but is in keeping with the room design

Art in various forms

Less conspicuous art can also have a strong impact on living room furnishings. Select smaller works in light and neutral colors and rely on the multitude of these. Mixing different genres of art is also important in this strategy. A good combination would be graphics on the wall in combination with sculptural accessories such as vases, lamps, etc.

Farben und Formen moderne Wohnzimmereinrichtung

A striking work of art can have a strong impact on the entire living room furnishings

Clear lines and eye-catching colored paintings

The following strategy is suitable for minimalist living room interiors. In this case, the clean lines and shapes should prevail. To do this, one should choose works of art with bold colors. One or two decorative elements in the rest of the interior can also be made in one of the bright colors of the pictures.

moderne Wohnzimmereinrichtung Ideen

An abstract work of art goes wonderfully with this minimalist living room

Subject: people

With large-sized portraits you always create a strong statement. They are impressive regardless of whether it is photography, graphics or painting. Choose the type that best suits the style and concept of your living room furnishings.

Photo 9: With a portrait you make a strong statement

Title: Portrait strong statement Oil painting Contrasts are set in modern living room furnishings

The works of art as contrasts

You can use art to create strong contrasts in the room and thus create a dramatic atmosphere in the living room. The juxtaposition of modern furniture and an industrial background, which is shaped by Pop Art, is simply gorgeous.

Wohnzimmereinrichtung Ideen Graues

The murals serve as colored contrasts to this living room, which is completely gray

Spectacular art for monochrome interiors

How can an art appear spectacular within a monochrome interior? In this case, you should let the slightly noticeable colors in the artwork dominate. For example, if you have a modern concept that is dominated by gray and white, you can hang a graphic with a lot of black on the wall. If you have colored accents in the room, these should also be present in the room.

Emphasis on lighting

Moderne Wohnzimmereinrichtung großes Wandbild

With the right lighting, you can easily put the work of art in the limelight

Emphasize the importance of the works of art by highlighting them with special lighting. Draw ideas from galleries. Industrial style side wall lights are an excellent solution for almost any style.

These are just a few of the many examples of how art can be given a central role in interior design. There are many more that work well and look modern. All living room furnishings dominated by art have the following in common: The works give the overall concept a drama and a spectacular character. Whether they are a main accent or determine and intensify the decorative design depends entirely on the interior designer and the specific case!

Wohnzimmereinrichtung schönes Ideen bilder design

The work of art successfully complements the living room furnishings

moderne Wohnzimmereinrichtung schwarz weiß abstraktes Kunstwerk Beleuchtung

A modern interior in black and gray, filled with a lot of artistic flair

graues Interieur moderne Wohnzimmereinrichtung

Abstract art never goes out of style

moderne Wohnzimmereinrichtung Kunstwerk integriert Beleuchtung Stil

There are many ways you can incorporate a work of art into living room furnishings

moderne Wohnzimmereinrichtung Ideen stylisch tipps ideen

Repetitive colors and shapes make up the entire space

moderne Wohnzimmereinrichtung lila Ecksofa ideen

The modern living room decor needs a modern piece of art to look complete

wohnzimmereinrichtung ideen Interieur möbel

This graphite living room is freshened up with a gorgeous piece of art on the wall

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