As already discussed with Mr. or Mr.?

As already discussed with Mr. or Mr.?

With such problems it always helps to use the question form: How discussed with WEM? Answer: “as discussed with Mr. Maier” (= dative).

What is an address field?

The address field consists of 9 lines. The standard font size can be reduced accordingly so that all content fits into the address field with the correct dimensions. The first three lines are called additional and comment areas. The six following lines are referred to as the address zone.

Where do you write to hand in the address?

is written directly in front of the recipient’s name. In the case of personal letters, you can leave a line above the note “personal”. In letters to authorities, you can put the name “o.

Which post may not be opened?

may be opened. Mail, on the other hand, which is marked as personal, may only be opened by the respective recipient. For this distinction, “personal” or “confidential” should be noted on the letter. Anyone who opens unauthorized letters violates the confidentiality of the letters and is thus liable to prosecution.

What does for the attention of?

to the hands of (German) to the hands of. to the attention of. Meanings: [1] Business, office communication: written formula that names the person desired or required to acknowledge or process a process.

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