As described synonym?

As described synonym?

carry out · describe · set forth · represent · explain · describe · demonstrate (geh.) Associations: tell · depict · reproduce · …

Is explained synonym?

carry out · present · present · explain · explicate · concretise · specify · mediate · get across (coll.) · make clear (coll.) · get across (coll.)

Like the synonym?

like – synonyms at OpenThesaurus. for example · e.g. (abbreviation) · about · exemplary · (or) for my own sake · let’s say (inserted in front) · so (roughly) · like · how about · like for example · e.g.

Is represented synonym?

(to) feel like · appear · (oneself) present (as) · make an impression (as if) · appear · (oneself) present (as) · seem · appear (to someone) (as if) · appear · seem (go. )

Is everything synonymous here?

present · present · on site · show oneself (somewhere) · present · there (colloq.) · there (colloq.)

how good synonym?

Synonyms for as good as meaning: soon. Meaning: almost. Meaning: pure. Meaning: outright. Meaning: formal. Meaning: literally. Meaning: right now. Meaning: as good as.

Does it make sense synonym?

expedient, reasonable, reasonable, useful, appropriate, appropriate, given, located, suitable, suitable, appropriate, expedient, pertinent, useful, indicated, advisable, wise, suitable, advantageous…

What does high quality mean?

For me, high-quality means: unique, rare, priceless, irreplaceable, rare, brilliant, excellent, sensational, elaborate, excellent, exemplary, great, significant, outstanding, conspicuous, first-rate, unique, shiny, delicate, expensive, stable, lasting value, strong, unadulterated, indestructible…

What does trouble-free mean?

1) without problems. Synonymous terms: 1) problem-free, unproblematic.

What does without further ado mean?

without further ado (main form) · without hesitation · just like that · spontaneously · quickly and painlessly · spontaneously · without further ado · without further ado · without long thinking · without beating about the bush · without much fuss · without further ado · without ifs and buts · without hesitation · without asking (for a long time) · without hesitation …

What does effortless mean?

Here you get some information about the word effortless: Everything that can be done without much effort is called effortless. There is often a flow and a lightness, difficulties are easily resolved. Things that are done out of routine usually happen effortlessly.

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