Ashton Daniel

Ashton Daniel

Ashton Daniel creates content using they/them pronouns that explores various intersectional trans issues. Their video on xenogenders and micro labels serves as an excellent example of their use of their platform to educate and broaden perspectives.

Their analysis of corporate diversity advertisements serves as an outstanding example of their thoughtfulness and ability to comprehend complex topics.

Early Life and Education

Ashton identifies as non-binary and uses both they/they pronouns in their videos about intersectional trans issues with great care and consideration; for instance, their video on Starbucks 2020 “trans-positive” advert provides a thorough examination of how companies often present one image to customers while their policies contradict this image.

Ashton Colaianni is making an invaluable contribution to the LGBTQIAP+ community/ies through their discussion of neurogenders. They articulate that while neurodivergence does make you experience gender differently, it should not be used as an excuse for transphobia – an example of content that feels both considered and natural; truly refreshing! HEART volunteer Daniel Tanaka works alongside coworker Ashton Colaianni each week tutoring two Winterfield Elementary School students – providing more tailored support.

Professional Career

Ashton is an accomplished attorney specializing in employment law, including counseling, investigations and litigation. Additionally, he represents clients before local governmental departments as well as commercial litigation matters. Ashton is highly active in Central Texas community affairs; having served as Police Monitor for Austin; an Executive Board Member of AARO; and serving on its Bond Oversight Committee as co-Chair.

As a trans and non-binary YouTube creator, Ashton employs both they/they pronouns in his videos to explore trans issues with care. His videos are thought-provoking and articulate; emphasizing greater acceptance, education and broadening viewpoints.

He serves on the boards of Equidad ATX and Pacific Education Group’s Beyond Diversity – Courageous Conversations About Race seminars for business communities. Additionally, he sits on HousingWorks Austin and E3 Alliance advisory boards.

Achievement and Honors

Ashton Eaton has won two Olympic decathlon gold medals and five NCAA Championships for Oregon University, receiving the Bowerman Award – given annually to honor the nation’s finest collegiate track and field athlete – as well as holding world records in both heptathlon and decathlon events. He holds both world records at present.

His YouTube channel also showcases content related to the LGBTQIAP+ community/ies and uses both gender-neutral pronouns for exploration of complex, intersectional issues with care.

His memory will live on through Central Chapel and Back Creek Valley Council membership and council service. Donations in lieu of flowers may be made to Central Chapel’s building and cemetery fund at 2546 Back Creek Valley Road in Hedgesville. Please send any funds in memory of Charles to: 2546 Back Creek Valley Road Hedgesville West Virginia 25427

Personal Life

Ashton utilizes both pronouns for themselves and has an interest in intersectional trans activism. Their videos explore complex issues within the LGBTQIAP+ community/ies with care and consideration; his discussion of hyper-specific labels shows just that; it shows his ability to take an objective approach towards issues which tend to be considered within an individual’s personal experience context.

He is an incredible husband, father, son, brother, uncle and “Papa” to Maia Overby, Ethan Spott, Zachary Midulla and Taylor Stewart as well as having Ruby as his pet dog. He enjoyed baseball immensely while having an endless sense of humor; never met a pun he didn’t enjoy! His family will greatly miss him.

Net Worth

Ashton Kutcher boasts a net worth of $200 Million. First coming to prominence through his role in That ’70s Show, Ashton has since established himself as an esteemed actor and businessperson who invests in numerous startups while being an avid philanthropist.

Daniel Caesar, famous for songs like “Get You” and “Love Again”, boasts a net worth of $5 Million. The Canadian singer-songwriter amassed this fortune through both his musical career and ownership of a Toronto studio.

TikTok user with millions of followers, he posts videos in which he asks luxury car owners what their job entails and this content garners numerous views and likes on his social media pages. Furthermore, he has hosted TV shows like Punk’d and Two and a Half Men as a host.

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