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Asian style garden for indoor use

What are these plants doing here? Shouldn’t they be planted outside, where they can see the rays of the sun, feel the wind and rain on their leaves? Could this arrangement even survive without natural light? Above all, the space under the stairwell should be used for practical purposes, e.g. as storage space or a work corner. Do you lose useful storage space because of a small indoor garden?

Today we want to answer these completely justified questions step by step. It is true that the area under the stairwell can be designed differently. But would it look so effective in the other case?

If you have your own garden or balcony plants and take care of them, you cannot enjoy their beautiful view all year round, believe many house owners. Yes, there are garden arrangements that do well without regular watering and natural light and do not wither.

Garden interior stairwell foyer

Eye-catching foyer furnishings in warm colors

A green Asian-style garden consists largely of decorative stones and water. The two elements are in opposition, but they complement each other. Bamboo tubes, with which the garden design is framed, go well with the arrangement. You can attach individual decorative stones, mosaic stones or gravel in the background.

Stairwell design brick wall artificial lighting

Bring nature indoors: houseplants, bricks, grass

How exactly you go about the design depends on your personal taste. To make your creation the center of attention, get artificial lighting. Since solar lamps could not be used here, a power source is an option.

Stairwell area design small garden

Artfully decorate the space under the stairwell with indoor plants in bright colors

Gently splashing fountain would be a great accessory in the home garden. A mini pond is optional, but today’s models are very practical. You can even place an artificial pond on the balcony or terrace.

Home design small pond houseplants

Zimmererteich creates a great color effect together with the red plants

Which types of plants are suitable for the dark interior under the stairwell? Daylight is extremely inadequate here, but if you ask in the garden center, you would find a solution. Depending on where you live, indestructible types of plants are planted in pots, decorated with gravel and watered depending on the type of plant. Some houseplants do just fine without direct sunlight.

Garden landscape in the house blocks garden figures

Different decorative stones provide variety in the small domestic garden

Well, how do you like our photo examples? What do you think there would be room for such a garden in your home? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Arrange houseplants far under stairwell

Ferns bring warmth to modern living spaces

Garden area interior decoration stones

A successful little garden with a slight curve follows the line of the staircase

Indoor fountain large light effect modern apartment

Large indoor fountain with installed light effects puts the otherwise poorly lit area in the foreground

Garden design hallway artificially brick wall

Modern design idea with stone slabs, bricks and artificial lighting

Interior garden decoration stones bouquets arrangement

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