ATV and Quad driver’s license

ATV and Quad driver’s license

The following provisions currently apply in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the Quad driver’s license:


For driving quads with a displacement of less than 50 cc, a S category driver’s license (from 16 years) or the one drivers licence class B (car) required; ATVs and quads with more than 50 cc may be driven by class B driver’s license holders (until 1998: class 3 / car).
So far, 16-year-olds still have to decide whether they want to paddle or ride a moped. It is planned, however, the class S with the Class M (Moped up to 45 km/h).

the Quad driver’s license costs after class S amount to about 1000 euros, depending on the driving school and driver learner.


Quads with up to 50 cubic capacity may be driven as mopeds from the age of 15 with a red number plate and a moped license (addition: ‘multi-track vehicle’). For all larger ATVs and quads with a maximum weight of up to 400 kg, you must have a motorcycle driver’s license (class ‘A’) or a car driver’s license (class ‘B’) in the Alpine Republic. If it is an ATV that has been approved as a towing vehicle (roll bar, maximum speed: 50 km/h), a category ‘F’ driver’s license is sufficient, which can be obtained from the age of 16.
Interesting: In Austria, ATVs and quads can be registered with cars, trucks and tractors on interchangeable license plates, with up to 3 vehicles only having to pay taxes and insurance for the ‘most expensive’ vehicle.


Irrespective of the displacement size, ATVs and quads are permitted in the Confederation chart as class ‘A2’ small motor vehicles, so holders of a category ‘B’ (car) as well as category ‘A’ (motorcycles with a power output of more than 11 kW) or ‘A1 ‘ (Motorcycles up to 125 cc and 11 kW power) are allowed to drive quads. x

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