Authorized dealer: Adly at MotorCenter Mönchengladbach

Adly at the MotorCenter Mönchengladbach is making it big. Adly at the MotorCenter Mönchengladbach: the entire Adly range is representedIn favor of this brand, owner Markus Hücking has parted ways with Kawasaki and, as before, is again selling the entire current Adly model range. Some of the vehicles can be purchased at special prices. The MotorCenter Mönchengladbach is also an authorized dealer for the brands Kymco, TGB and Arctic Cat.

Adly at MotorCenter Mönchengladbach: Offers

“Regarding the ‘newcomer’ from Adly, we are showing the entire range and can currently offer several special offers from daily registrations 12/2015,” says Markus from the MotorCenter Mönchengladbach. “And that with a full guarantee for 24 months from the AdlyDelivery – first come, first serve,” adds Markus.
The MotorCenter Mönchengladbach also has a workshop service for all common ATV and quad brands – “except for Chinese firecrackers”, Markus corrects. In addition to accessories and spare parts, Markus has also expanded the helmet and clothing area in his shop. “My focus is on the MSA/Kymco Speeds collection.” Markus is presenting the new Blade V-Twin 1000 for his main brand TGB.

Start of the season: quad tours

“Our quad tours will start again in April 2016. At the moment I’m buying completely new touring vehicles, and from April we’ll be driving on completely new models,” says Markus. A date has already been set for the start of the season: on April 16th and 17th, 2016, the season will start at the MotorCenter Mönchengladbach Motor Center MönchengladbachPetrol talks are heralded, all the innovations of 2016 are presented and the most successful models of the last season are presented. On Saturday you can shop from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday is dedicated to an open show from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There should also be a surprise.
In addition to accessories and spare parts, we have also further developed the helmet and clothing area. My focus there is on the “Speeds” collection from MSA/Kymco. chk

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