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Autumn decoration for the whole apartment – 10 great decoration tips

Not every Year we can enjoy Indian summer. When the air becomes cool in autumn, when it rains constantly and the sky often becomes cloudy, we should definitely not allow dark thoughts about the gloomy days. At this time, nature gives us colorful possibilities for a cheerful, colorful decoration at home. The green apples, the orange pumpkins, the yellow leaves – all of these are the ideal prerequisites for creating a wonderful autumn decoration at home. In this article we have put together an inspiring list of 10 great decorating tips for autumn. Have fun browsing our picture gallery!

Pumpkin or acorns?

golden bowl green pumpkins acorns autumn decoration tips

Attractive green acorn-style pumpkins

Pumpkins and apples are by no means the only ones that carry the autumn mood. The sympathetic acorns are a great autumn decoration for the living room. Do they seem too small to you? Then take some medium sized dark green pumpkins and make beautiful hats for her! How to create this cute acorn look with some hemp thread, as shown in the picture.

Mini Pumpkins

Autumn decoration tips for mini orange pumpkins

Beautify your whole apartment with different mini pumpkinsen colors. Take some with you for your office and create an atmospheric ambience for you and your colleagues.

Inviting autumn decoration at the entrance

white knitted blanket autumn decorating tips entrance door

The knitted blanket warms you up in the evening and creates a warm ambience in the entrance area

the Entrance area offers numerous options for decorating. If you usually decorate the front door with wreaths in autumn, we have something new for you this year. Instead of wreaths, put some colorful pumpkins in front of the front door and a warm knitted blanket on the bench. Such an inviting and cozy entrance area, isn’t it?

Halloween Deko

Autumn decoration tips Halloween decoration in black and silver

Modern Halloween decoration in black and silver

All children look forward to Halloween. The adults too. For this reason, we recommend adding some Halloween elements to your autumn decoration. Small black or silver Halloween figures such as pumpkins, skulls or crows look very stylish.

Grass wreath for the fireplace

Fireplace wreath fireplace autumn decorating tips

Give the fireplace an autumn look

In autumn find different dry grain stalks and grasses in a variety of colors. Make a colorful wreath out of it to beautify your fireplace. Add some autumn fruits and red chestnut leaves, which will create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Pumpkin art

Autumn decoration tips Pumpkin painting decoration points

Turn the pumpkins into unique works of art

Do you like to paint?? Then quickly grab your paints and a pumpkin and create creative, unique decorations. The colorful dots on a light background will bring a cheerful autumn mood into the nursery.

Autumn table design

Tealights autumn decoration tips DIY candle holder apple

Creative DIY candle holder made from apples

Surprise your guests with a creative table decoration that you can easily make yourself. Make cool candle holders for tea lights out of apples in different colors. When the fruit is off the flamee warmed up, a pleasant apple scent spreads all over the room.

The splendor of autumn colors

Autumn decoration tips fairy lights with chestnut leaves

Fairy lights with chestnut leaves are a great window decoration for autumn

Psychological research indicates that red, orange and yellow have very positive effects on people. This is actually the one Splendor of autumn colors. Make all kinds of autumn decorations in these warm nuances, such as playful garlands made of large chestnut leaves for the windows.

Linen napkins for that Thanksgiving

Autumn decoration tips Thanksgiving Day linen napkins ripe pears

Great table setting in autumn

F.The decorated linen napkins are the best choice for table design for Thanksgiving. Embellish the fine fabric with rope and grain stalks. Scatter ripe pears and apples on the table for a fascinating atmosphere on Thanksgiving.

White pumpkins

Table setting white pumpkins roses red apples autumn decoration tips

This lush table design lifts the autumn mood

Don’t forget the white pumpkins when adding autumn decorations to your home. They are the perfect addition to any decoration because of their neutral color. Our example shows a splendid table design with autumn fruitsn and roses.

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