Axle Jacks

What You Should Know About Axle Jacks

Axle jacks are metal devices designed to lift cars slightly off of the ground so you can work on them more easily, and come equipped with long handles that make maneuvering them simple.

Axles stands (also referred to as jack stands) are designed to safely support the weight of vehicles while enabling drivers to get under them safely. Available as tripod and tower designs with various weight capacities.

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Aircraft axle jacks are used to support the weight of aircraft while they’re being serviced, and come in three varieties – hand-carried, horseshoe, and outrigger. Each variation offers different lifting capacities.

The new JC series axle stands offer improved handling and stability for safer operation, featuring multi-locking handles and dead man’s release for added safety when lifting aircraft. When activated via compressed-air networks, aircraft wheels or air-powered pumping units, these stands provide maximum flexibility while offering optimal performance.

Professional Career

Aircraft axle jacks allow technicians and mechanics to safely and efficiently service landing gear components such as wheels, tires, brakes and struts on aircraft landing gear systems. These jacks come in various sizes with various weight capacities and adjustable height settings to meet various aircraft configurations and landing gear types.

Axle stands provide a more reliable way of supporting vehicles raised with bottle jacks than simply leaving them in place. Thanks to their wide base and absence of shifting under stress, axle stands can keep cars stable on an axle lift without risk of dislodging from its support base causing it to tip over. Axle stands are utilized by professional mechanics in garages and repair shops – as well as labeled so users can easily identify type and weight capacity easily. They’re powered with compressed air from hangars or nitrogen bottles allowing for seamless operation and operations from garages or repair shops alike.

Personal Life

Aircraft axle jacks are designed to raise an aircraft’s landing gear. Available with various weight capacities and height options, they support entire landing gear assemblies or specific sections such as tires, wheels, brakes or struts.

PJi Aviation Specialists can assist in selecting an axle jack suitable for your aircraft and recommend the necessary accessories to complement it.

When using an axle jack, always place wood between it and the frame. Many frame manufacturers advise customers to jack directly onto their frames instead of placing a board between, which could result in damage by dimple-dimpling thinner tubing causing dimple dimpling to appear in thin tubes as well as suspension damage.

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Axle aircraft jacks work similarly to car jacks in that they raise the sides of an aircraft for maintenance, but with higher lifting capacities. They’re often tailored specifically to lift specific areas like wheels, brakes and struts – providing convenient lifting capacity as well as adjustable height settings for various aircraft models.

This jack features labels which clearly outline its weight, air or nitrogen pressure capacity, and the ID number associated with its model.

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