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Ayrton Lucas Net Worth, Age, Height, Affairs, Car, Salary and Other Important Information

Lucas has played in most of Flamengo’s Serie A matches this season and you can view his stats, matchratings and playing history here.

Lucas (Corey Haim), an innocent yet outspoken goggle-eyed nerd, plays the protagonist in this quirky coming-of-age story. His indomitable spirit and bravado win Maggie over as his admirer; but his behavior causes disagreement with an older group of jock teenagers.

Early Life and Education

Lucas Ayrton Roman was born 19 June 1997 in Carnauba dos Dantas, Brazil. His life path number of 9 indicates a constant hunger for growth and experience; always on the lookout for more education, deeper conversations and new adventures to go on his quest.

After World War II ended, Europe once more opened up to painters; he headed to Italy where he fell under the spell of Renaissance masters such as Masaccio and Piero della Francesca whose monumental images, timeless yet impersonal natures were full of secret communication and unspecified drama; Masaccio especially was particularly inspiring; after meeting them he began painting landscapes that vibrated with spiritual tension such as Winter Stream (1945) or mysterious The Tip Hanley (1946).

He began making sculpture, exploring the relationship between shape and space through bronze and neutral density perspex assemblages – these works presenting physical as well as metaphysical reflections.

Professional Career

Ayrton Lucas Dantas de Medeiros is an A-League professional soccer player for Flamengo FC of Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A. Born in Carnauba dos Dantas and having represented Brazil at Under-20 level.

Ayrton Lucas has seen action this season as both a left-footed defender and in multiple roles, appearing 23 times across Serie A games for over 170 minutes of play and scoring three goals to go with six yellow cards issued against him.

Brazilian defender Heitor have an outstanding Sofascore rating of 7.2 and are set to feature in Flamengo’s next match. The graphic presents domestic league statistics as well as seasonal options, enabling users to filter by discipline, defending, tackling disruption passing and creating statistics.

Personal Life

Ayrton Lucas, a young Brazilian footballer best known for his exceptional performance on the pitch. Additionally, he is an acclaimed businessperson having established ALCM Capital which is now one of the premier venture capital firms.

Lucas was born 19 June 1997 in Carnauba dos Dantas, State of Rio Grande do Norte. As a left back he currently plays for Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A club Flamengo as well as representing Brazil National Team.

He is beloved among football fans due to his impressive playing abilities and good looks. Although unmarried and having not revealed any information regarding his personal life to media, he remains popular with female supporters of female teams such as Chelsea FC. Additionally, his great sense of humor puts his fans in good spirits all of the time!

Net Worth

Discover Ayrton Lucas Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Affairs, Car, Salary and other important details. Ayrton was born on 19 June 1997 in Carnauba dos Dantas of Rio Grande do Norte State Brazil.

Lucas holds a FIFA 22 rating of 73 with an estimated potential of 84 and plays left back for Spartak Moscow.

Lucas Ayrton Roman has an insatiable thirst for growth and new experiences that drives their journey along his life path number 9. 2018 will be an expansion year for Lucas Ayrton Roman as he will focus on expanding his professional career, engaging in charitable efforts, and expanding his education further. Lucas is well on his way to becoming an established businessman/entrepreneur!

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