Badkid Paris

Badkid Paris – 3 New Videos That Will Make Your Night!

If you’re a fan of self-expression videos and viral hits, you’ve probably already heard of Badkid Paris. With over 300K YouTube views and a rapidly growing fan base, it’s no wonder that she signed a deal with Funny Mike Entertainment in September 2020. Her new single Money All Around Me has been getting a lot of attention. She’s also getting early endorsement contracts.

Besides her YouTube channel, the multi-talented 10-year-old has released a new song, “Badkid Paris”. The song is a huge hit with fans and has already been viewed over 300k times. It is likely to chart soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Until then, check out her latest videos. Here are three of the latest videos. They will make you smile! We are eager to hear what Paris Jackson, Funny Mike have in store!

YouTuber BadKid Paris has gained enormous popularity through her videos, and her social media influence. She is a member the FunnyMike Entertainment ‘BadKids’ group. She has a YouTube channel that has a total of 3.1 million views and has a following of over 170K. She has also been endorsed by clothing company Shein and is represented by the A3 Artists Agency.

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