Badlands Bar Rescue

Badlands Bar Rescue – “Brawlin’ Babes” Preview

When the Badlands Country Nightclub closed its doors after being featured on Bar Rescue, the owners decided to focus on other bars instead. The Facebook page was used primarily to promote their other establishments. The Saloon is now back in business, although with a smaller staff. This episode of Bar Rescue was called “Brawlin’ Babes.”

Jon Taffer, a mixologist who has spent thirty years rescuing bars, walks into the bar and confronts the owners of the sports bar. He tells them he’s not going to be a part of the business, but he doesn’t want them to leave. He also feels sorry for Syck and Cerissa, and says this is his first attempt at saving a bar.

Jon hires Angie’s List, a local contractor after the initial failed attempt. The contractor is an expert in the area and will be able to work with the bar’s staff to help turn it around. The team is also made up of industry experts, including a Diageo head mixologist. The new bar will have a slew of exciting cocktails for a younger crowd. The mission of the team is to save the business.

The Badlands Country Nightclub is a great bar in Western Australia. The interior was fantastic and the dance floor was perfect, but the service was slow. Mark assisted with the bar’s operation. The bar’s sales grew by thirty percent in six weeks. The catfights were also stopped. The bar is no longer threatened with closure. Badlands Bar Rescue is highly recommended if you plan to visit Perth.

In a recent preview, Paramount TV shared a clip from the show’s latest episode. It was a great episode of Bar Rescue, and everyone involved is happy. The staff is more energetic and interacts with the customers, in addition to the new menu. Afterwards, the team has become a cohesive unit, and drinks sales have increased thirty percent since the reopening. Even catfights have stopped and the staff no longer feel threatened with losing their homes.

Jon must deal with a stubborn owner who refuses to fire his staff during the episode. The owner doesn’t want Jon doing the recon so he brings Nicole along. She reviews the bar from a customer’s perspective, and the bar’s owner doesn’t even thank Jon. The bar is reopened with a new name, and a better reputation.

Before Jon takes over the bar, he has to get past the owner’s brother and his best friend, as well as his own ambivalent feelings about it. Meanwhile, two of his co-owners come to observe and join the recon. Jon is determined to make the members-only club a valuable asset. The challenges he faces include the carefree owner, an aloof son, over-pouring bartenders, and a raccoon infestation.

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