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Balanced color design – which rules do you have to follow?

Achieving calming and relaxing color schemes at home is not for everyone. So that you feel comfortable in your own four walls, you need to consider some important color rules when renovating your home. Our advice is not to be confused by the wide range of colors available. Choose the shades that appeal to you and note the proportions in which you put them together. That is the be all and end all of a successful color scheme at home. You certainly don’t want to have a flashy mix of colors in front of your eyes that gets on your nerves, right? If you are still hesitant about what the color scheme should look like in your interior, then we can help you a lot. Here we have prepared first-class examples and well-tried rules for you. We’ll also give you a few tips so that you are guaranteed to achieve a balanced and stylish look.

Stick with it and get inspired!

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Pastel colors make this interior so attractive – light pink as the main color, cream as the secondary color and mint as the accent color.

Gelungene Farbgestaltung reizvolles Ambiente Pastellfarben Hellrosa Creme Minze

Another successful color scheme for a cozy and inviting living room – ivory as the main color, beige as the secondary color and purple for the accents.

Gelungene Farbgestaltung einladendes Wohnzimmer Elfenbein Beige und violette Akzente

  • Balanced color design according to the 60-30-10 rule

The color scheme according to the 60-30-10 rule is absolutely classic. This always works well in the interior, regardless of your personal aesthetics and the style you choose. In such a color scheme, three shades are used. They are combined with one another in proportions of 60-30-10 percent. First choose a basic color that should dominate the ambience and decorate around 60% of the room area with it. Next, you need to determine your secondary color, which is usually a little bolder. About 30 percent of the area of ​​the room is ascribed to this shade. After all, your accent color is your strongest shade and should make up the remaining 10 percent.

A bright and cozy bedroom with dove gray as the main shade and cream as the second shade. The color scheme is enhanced by sun yellow accents.

ausgewogene Farbgestaltung helles Schlafzimmer starke Akzente in Sonnengelb

Wood never goes out of style! On a lightly stained wooden background, neutrals can be introduced or stronger accents such as a red armchair.

Gelungene Farbgestaltung Holz rote und blaue Akzente

  • Clever color design: warm colors versus cool colors

The choice of warm or cool colors affects the energy in the room. Since warm colors tend to make the room feel happy and welcoming, they are best for a fun setting. Remember to use these colors in your dining room or kitchen, they go very well there. Cool colors, on the other hand, are more subdued. They work best in bedrooms and home offices where calming energy is valued. You can also check out the psychological effects each color brings to make your decision easier.

Mustard and brown tones make the boho chic living room cozier and brighter.

Farbgestaltung Boho Chic Wohnzimmer Senf und Brauntöne

Boho meets mid-century modern with brightly colored pillows, a patterned rug, brightly colored furniture and eye-catching decorations.

Gelungene Farbgestaltung Boho trifft Mid Century Modern viele Farben interessante Muster

  • The complementary color scheme is the basis for a successful color scheme

The complementary color scheme is often considered the simplest, as it includes two hues that are right against one another on the color wheel. This means that you get combinations like blue and orange, yellow and purple, or red and green. Such pairs have extremely high contrast and bring a lot of energy to the room. You should think of them as accent colors and use lots of neutrals to balance them out.

Create a contrasting color scheme by playing with saturated colors such as orange and blue.

Kontrastierende Farbgestaltung gesättigte Farben Orange Blau Holz

Dark green paired with lemon yellow is a fantastic combination for the eye-catching color scheme in this house.

Auffällige Farbgestaltung Dunkelgrün Zitronengelb im Farbspiel Küche

  • The analog color design: color matches are popular!

An analog color scheme selects a central color and then also uses the adjacent colors in the color wheel. These can be two basic colors and the third a mixture of these two. You can also use rule 60-30-10 here to check your proportions and keep them correct. You can also use this scheme to mix neutrals, or choose a combination of black, white, and gray.

As you can see, you have endless freedom to create inviting and relaxing color schemes in your home. Now scroll down and let our picture gallery inspire you. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you lots of fun and success!

Analog color scheme in the living room – dark green, turquoise and grass green.

Analoge Farbgestaltung Wohnzimmer Dunkelgrün Türkis Grasgrün

The brass pendant lights complement the stylish ambience, which is dominated by emerald green and navy blue.

Interessante Farbgestaltung stilvolles Ambiente Smaragdgrün Marineblau Messing Pendelleuchten

Black, white and gray represent a stylish mix of colors, which is freshened up by the green of the indoor plants.

Ansprechende Farbgestaltung klassisch Weiß Schwarz Grau etwas Grün von den Zimmerpflanzen

Wood and pastel colors create this cozy look.

Beruhigende Farbgestaltung Holz und Pastellfarben klassischer

The analog color design in its full power!

Analoge Farbgestaltung Wohnzimmer in Weiß Grau etwas Holz

Also in this inviting living room in mid-century modern.

Beruhigende Farbgestaltung Pastellfarben Braun Beige Wohnzimmer in Mid Century Modern Stil

Navy blue, white and a little gray bring the beach feeling into the room!

Farbgestaltung Strand Feeling Marineblau Weiß rote Akzente

When it comes to color design in the bedroom, you can rely on strong contrasts.

Farbgestaltung Schlafzimmer starke Kontraste dunkle gemusterter Tapete weiße Bettwäsche

Ivory is the dominant color in this bathroom and is combined with light blue.

Gelungene Farbgestaltung im Bad Elfenbein und Himmelblau

Wood and various shades of brown for the country-style living room.

Gelungene Farbgestaltung Holz Brauntöne Wohnzimmer im Landhausstil

Blue and gray are now the trend in the very private rooms.

Gelungene Farbgestaltung Blau Grau im Schlafzimmer private Räume

The kitchen in gray is also very trendy at the moment.

Gelungene Farbgestaltung Küche in Grau hoch im Trend

Cool and warm colors in a trendy color mix.

Gelungene Farbgestaltung Schlafzimmer kühle und warme Farben

Set fresh accents in lemon yellow in the kitchen-living room and make the room inviting!

Farbgestaltung einladende Wohnküche frische Farbakzente in Zitronengelb

A modern ambience full of energy thanks to the color scheme!

Moderne Farbgestaltung im Schlafzimmer voller Energie

A strange color combination of yellow and purple in the living room.

Auffällige Farbgestaltung Gelb und Lila im Wohnzimmer

Fantastic color combination that leaves no one indifferent!

Trendige Farbgestaltung gesättigte Farben im Gleichgewicht zwei Lampen

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