Baltic Sea Quads: ATV tours on Rügen

The team around Joachim Meyer-Rust offers ATV tours on Rügen ATV tours on Rügen: Villages with original appeal away from mass tourismin Grevesmühlen for groups. The ATV and quad dealer opened his Quadpalace in 2013, as the old location had become too small. Since then, Joachim has managed the Access, Adly, Aeon, Cectek, CF Moto, Dinli, Explorer, Herkules, online and Quadix brands. He advises, tests, buys, services and goes on tour.

ATV tours on Rügen: guided, collect wonderful impressions

In addition to winter trips, Ostsee Quads also offers tours for beginners and art lovers. You can also book individual quad tours with Joachim. “The customer can determine the destination and thus the duration of the tour,” says Joachim. ATV tours on Rügen: collect wonderful impressions along the Bodden landscape and go on an adventure tour“This offer is particularly popular for groups and as part of events,” he continues.
The ATV tours on Rügen are new to the programme. “These guided tours usually start in Rambin on the island of Rügen or, depending on the arrangement, at a different location,” explains Joachim. You can discover Rügen by ATV in groups of four to six people. It goes along the Bodden landscape with a wonderful view. “Impressions from the Baltic Sea to chalk cliffs and some adventure will be remembered as unforgettable pictures,” assures Joachim. The ATV tours on Rügen are mainly driven away from the main roads: through fields and meadows as well as on forest paths. The participants get through places that have not lost their original charm and to small dreamy harbors completely away from mass tourism.

price and customization

Rental helmets, petrol and final cleaning are included in the price: from a group of four people, the tour comes to 99 euros, below that the price is 139 euros. condition for participation Qstsee QuadsA class 3 or B driving license is required for ATV tours on Rügen. CF Moto, Explorer, online, TGB or Quadix ATVs are used. If you want to customize this tour, it is possible to combine it with an event, with an outdoor barbecue or with other sports. chk

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