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Sohodolls are an English electronic music band from London. Formed in 2003, the group has changed members several times. Its current lineup is composed of Maya von Doll, Toni Sailor, Weston Doll, Paul Stone, and Matt Lord. The band’s sound has a retro feel and is very dance-friendly. They have a wide variety of fans, including those who like to dance to their music.

The sound of Sohodolls is similar to The Who’s, with guitar riffs reminiscent of the band. The band’s rhythm section is rock solid and consists of drummer Paul Stone and bassist Matt ‘Fuzzy’ Lord. They want to rule the world with their energetic live performances and are looking forward to making it happen. The group is a unique band and will do anything to achieve that goal.

In the same vein as The Stooges and The Who, Sohodolls are very popular with their fans and have released two singles to date. In 2006, the group released a charity single titled “Period” to raise money for the Period Poverty organization, which supplies period-appropriate supplies to women in refugee camps. In the same year, the group released a new song called “Shut Your Pretty Mouth” through their website. The track was leaked online and had already been played at several clubs in London.

As a member of the band, Weston Doll combines an eclectic array of synths and sounds to form rock-solid grooves. The rhythm section consists of bassist Matt ‘Fuzzy’ Lord and drummer Paul Stone. The goal of Sohodolls is to take their live shows to the next level. Their music is full of passion and energy, and the band is looking for global dominance.

Sohodolls have released a charity single called “Period” on March 4, 2021. They’ve since partnered with Period Poverty to provide feminine products to women in deprived areas. In April 2021, Sohodolls released a song titled “Shut Your Pretty Mouth” which was originally leaked on YouTube and played in London clubs.

Sohodolls’ sound is reminiscent of The Who, with their riffs and songs akin to the ’80s.’ They are an electronic band from London. They’ve been touring the world since 2003 and have toured with several bands. They have also released a number of charity singles. Their first single, “Period,” was released on March 4th, 2021.

While a lot of their music is aimed at a diverse audience, Sohodolls’ songwriters share a common interest in savagery and decay. Their riffs, songs, and lyrics are reminiscent of The Who, The Stooges, and The Beatles. They have a few songs with a similarly psychedelic style. Sohodolls is one of the few bands that make their fans laugh and shiver.

Sohodolls’ songs and riffs are reminiscent of The Who, and the band’s members resemble the ‘Stooges.’ The band’s music has a mixture of humour, savagery, and rage. Sohodolls’ debut album, “Pato”, was released on 23 September 2007. The band’s name is derived from the word ‘patriarchy’ in Greek mythology, meaning goddess.’

Sohodolls’ songs are similar to those of The Who and The Stooges. The riffs are similar to both bands, but they are slightly different. In addition to being similar, Sohodolls have a more diversified sound. Their songs also tend to be more experimental than their peers. They’ve released several albums and a few singles. Their debut album is called “Pato”, and it features a unique, twisted pop-rock flavor.

Sohodolls are a London-based electronic band that have toured the UK seven times. They’ve toured many cities, including London. They’ve also played with the likes of IAMX, Klaxons, Dat Punk, and Marilyn Manson. They’ve played hundreds of venues and festivals worldwide, and are known for their energetic and dark music. They’ve a variety of styles and genres, but all their music is distinctively distinctive.

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