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Turnover is a band from Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was formed in 2009. Since signing with the Run for Cover Records label, they have released four full-length albums, two EPs, and a handful of singles. The band’s sound is a mixture of rock, funk and alternative influences. It has a distinctive blend between heavy and soft sounds. This is the most diverse band of musicians in America, making it an ideal fit for summer months.

Turnover are well-known for their emo and psychedelic pop and punk-rock influences. However, their music blends pop and funk with an indie funk flair. This is a sign of the band’s innovative mind. Although their new album, Magnolia, was released by the band independently, they also released a split EP with Citizen. I recommend the introspective song “Drown” to fans of these types bands. It features vocals and lyrics that evoke the indie-pop sound from the mid-’00s.

Despite their growing popularity, the group’s style has undergone a slight evolution. The self-titled album was released by the band in 2013. However, two demos were released by the band before that and a split EP was released with Citizen. The first single, Drown, is the best listen. The lyrics are introspective and the sound is more ethereal. The other songs on the album are “Time” and “To The Bottom,” both featuring heavy guitar chords and pop-punk instrumentation.

Turnover’s newest album, “Super Natural”, features the lead track. It is the band’s emergence. The group started out as a high-school band and evolved into a trio. As they grew up, their music changed as well. While the sound didn’t change, their confidence has grown. They still have the same sound that made them so beloved in their younger years. So, it’s hard to find any flaw in their new sound.

While “Super Natural” is an emotional track, the band’s lead single is a perfect example of a band’s evolution. A song whose lyrics are incredibly introspective is often the best song on “Super Natural.” In contrast, “Read My Mind” fuses the past with the present. The band’s sound is a combination of heavy guitar chords and melodic songs. A great album is one that shows a range of styles.

Good Nature is a change from the sound of their debut album, and the band’s newest album is called “Super Natural”. This track has a similar sound to “Super Natural,” but reflects the band’s transition from youth to maturity. It features the band’s signature pop-punk-influenced instrumentation, and introspective lyrics. The song is also a great way to get a feel for their sound.

The lead single from “Super Natural” is a reflective song with a powerful chorus. The song is a coming-of-age song for Turnover. The members of the band were young when they formed. However, as they grew up, their personalities changed. They brought their music with them and it has become more refined and polished than ever. It’s still a great album. However, the band’s new album marks a welcome departure form their original sound.

On Magnolia, the band’s sound has shifted away from the pop-punk sound of their previous two albums. Instead of focusing on the music’s composition and production, the band emphasized their lyrics. Peripheral Vision’s second album is their dream-pop debut. This album is a great introduction to this band, as the songs are both catchy and dark. The group is still a great choice for a day-to-day basis.

The sound of Turnover has changed over the years from their early days in pop punk to their more recent efforts. The band’s sound has remained the same, but their live shows have become a hallmark of the band. Their first album was primarily pop-punk. However, Magnolia features alternative rock and grunge elements. They aren’t afraid to experiment with the sound.

A lot of people have no idea how to listen to music without being overloaded by a heavy and cluttered sound. It’s almost impossible to listen to a debut album without feeling its influence. The music of a band is a reflection on their influences. This is what makes Turnover so special. How do you listen? It’s hard to pinpoint one song as the best.

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