Barry Asher

Asher is an accomplished professional bowler who has amassed numerous titles. He was honored to become a member of both the Orange County Bowling Hall of Fame and Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Asher also worked as a bowling consultant on the 1998 film The Big Lebowski. Today he oversees Fountain Bowl in Orange County, California’s pro shop as their manager.

Early Life and Education

Asher, born and educated in New York City, attended Bard College before founding Edelman Arts Inc to represent artists such as Christopher Winter, Cathy McClue and Yasmine Chatila – increasing his net worth significantly in the process.

He established ArtAssure Ltd and Artemus Art Trading Firm and served on the boards of performing arts venues like Brooklyn Academy of Music, Gotham Chamber Opera and Karole Dance Group.

He is also the founder and director of Pully Contemporary Art Museum, located in Switzerland; as well as serving as CEO for investment management firm Mack Bushnell Weill & Levitt; in addition to sitting on several institutions’ boards of trustees such as American Ballet Theatre and Alvin Ailey Dance Theater.

Professional Career

Barry Asher was a professional bowler on the PBA Tour who earned membership into two bowling halls of fame and won many tournaments over time.

He averaged 247 in winning the 1971 South Bend Open and set a record that stood for 10 years. Additionally, he twice placed second at the Firestone Tournament of Champions–pro bowling’s Super Bowl–in his pro bowling career.

Asher lives and runs Fountain Bowl pro shop in Orange County, California. Asher was hired as bowling consultant for the 1998 Coen Brothers film The Big Lebowski; helping actors such as Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Donny Kerabatsos and Steve Buscemi improve their bowling skills; as well as being present during all filming of bowling scenes.

Achievement and Honors

Barry Asher was honored with induction into both the Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Fame as well as Orange County Bowling Hall of Fame and Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 1988. Asher won 10 PBA titles between 1969 and 1971 averaging 247 while setting a scoring record in South Bend Open of 1971 with his average of 241.

He made his television debut on “Superstars” in 1977 and beat Rawly Eastwick in the baseball hitting segment. However, his swimming performance wasn’t up to par – though at least he managed not to drown!

Asher served as technical advisor on The Coen Brothers’ 1998 movie The Big Lebowski, which focused on bowling. Asher even appeared in its final scene bowling a strike to close it out!

Personal Life

Asher has earned membership into two bowling halls of fame and numerous awards throughout his career. Based out of Orange County, California where he runs a bowling center; Asher is married with one child and three grandchildren.

He has long been an avid book lover who devours novels voraciously and collects first editions. Once owning Indica Books in London – an independent bookstore known for housing authors such as Allen Ginsberg, John Lennon and Paul McCartney among many others – he enjoys collecting first editions himself.

He played a bowling-related character in The Big Lebowski and has a commemorative ball from the movie. Since 2013, Asher has hosted Lebowski Fests at Fountain Bowl where he runs the pro shop, where fans of the movie come dressed as Dude or Walter to bowl — perhaps getting their picture taken with Asher himself!

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is around $800k and much of his earnings come from social media collaborations, music releases, TV show appearances and merchandise sales.

Robert is well-known for his humorous skits that depict relatable everyday moments while featuring his trademark over-the-top acting style. Additionally, he enjoys considerable followings on both Instagram and YouTube.

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