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Basic rule number 1 in the household: the apartment must be cleaned before the start of spring

Every apartment needs a spring freshener. Now, when the sun is shining warmer and the sky is cloudy and often changes color from gray to blue, it is the best time to thoroughly clean our home before the onset of spring so that it smells nice and shines with cleanliness. In this article, we want to take a very practical approach to the subject and reveal great tips and tricks on how you can easily clean and tidy your kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom, laundry room and terrace before spring sets in.

Our extra tip for you: First create your to-do list and get started! Complete these step by step for best results!

Küche reinigen Arbeitsflächen saubermachen

Don’t leave a corner in the kitchen unclean!

The kitchen is often the most inhabited room in a house. We spend many hours there cooking and baking or chatting at the dining table. Therefore, a lot of dust and dirt collects in this room, even hair of our pets can be found there. It is therefore worth taking a close look behind the refrigerator and cleaning it up there. The cleanliness inside in the refrigerator is a must, here you always have to check the state of cleanliness. Don’t forget the dishwasher! Let it run empty, just filled it with washing-up liquid or a little vinegar solution, so you kill all bacteria and fungi.

umweltfreundlich reinigen vor dem Frühlingsanfang

Environmentally friendly cleaning – A simple mixture of two parts water to one part vinegar is all you need to clean your windows. You can use it to make all glass surfaces sparkling clean!

Sauber machen Ordnung bringen Küche

Rearrange the spices and other ingredients!

ie Wohnung sauber machen vor dem Frühlingsbeginn

The storage space for your wine and beer bottles also needs to be cleaned.

die Wohnung sauber machen Grundregel 1 vor dem Frühlingsbeginn

Make your home clean right before spring arrives

So that your home smells nice in spring, you don’t necessarily need room deodorants! Boil the orange or lemon peel in a small saucepan filled with water and add a little rosemary. This wonderful scent will refresh your home!

The bathroom needs your attention in the cleaning process, because hygiene is always a top priority in this room. How your bathroom and toilet smell is important. This is an undisputed sign of the state of cleanliness in the whole apartment. So roll up your sleeves, put on rubber gloves, and get to work. Caution: There are many tricky places in the bathroom and toilet that can collect dirt!

Bad reinigen vor dem Frühling neue Handtücher besorgen

If your towels are looking a little old and worn, it’s time for new ones!

Bad reinigen Hausapotheke alte Arzneimittel Kosmetika wegwerfen

Throw away medicines or cosmetic products that have expired.

Möblierungsideen Garten Tendenz

Thoroughly clean any sink using scented detergents.

Bad reinigen Duschnische Fliesen Schimmelbildung vorbeugen

The tiled shower niche always means a lot of work for you, because mold could form there due to the high level of moisture.

The bedroom is your very own realm, isn’t it? When setting up and decorating it, you can fully express your individuality. Here, the highest levels of cleanliness and order are always the order of the day, so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep every night. So now you need to transform this space into your favorite place. First, clear away all the books and old magazines you have already read, change the bed linen, cover the bed in friendly colors and wipe off the dust! Only then can you think of a lavender scent that refreshes the air in the bedroom!

Schlafzimmer sauber machen der Schlafraum

Your bedroom needs to look fresh and inviting. Cheerful colors and fresh flowers round off the attractive look

Ordnung ins Schlafzimmer bringen weiß blau frische Farbkombination

Clean up the bedroom properly! Cleanliness and order are the order of the day there!

Then comes logically the living room your turn! For many homeowners, this room is at the top of their cleaning list. But we think it doesn’t matter what you start with, it is more important that you don’t forget and clean up everywhere! Old magazines and newspapers, withered flowers and odds and ends have to be removed from the living space! This is the first step. Then you need to vacuum the carpet (or carpeting) in the living room, pull down the curtains and wash and dust off any open shelves. Only then can you water your indoor flowers!

Einladendes Schlafzimmer weiße Möbel Sauberkeit Frische Zimmerpflanzen schöne Schnittblumen Vase

A clean and inviting living room to fall in love with!

In the laundry room don’t have much to do as this room is usually kept in perfect order. That makes the work there easier. However, now is the best time to clean the washing machine and dryer, possibly to check them technically and to remove any defects. The goal is to get your home appliances to serve you for a long time, isn’t it?

Waschschrank sauber machen alles in beste Ordnung bringen Übersicht verschaffen

Make sure your wash cabinet is clear and clean.

Waschküche sauber machen den technischen Zustand prüfen Waschmaschine

Check the technical condition of the devices in the laundry room!

If by now you have thoroughly cleaned your entire home, now you can go to the Terrace or veranda walk. Or do you want to clean your entire outdoor area? That’s a great project, you just have to make it happen! All cleaning work pays for itself in a short time, because with the sunny weather you will stay outdoors more and more often and enjoy the work of your hard work!

Haus sauber machen die Veranda auf den Frühling vorbereiten Gartenmöbel reparieren

Perhaps your garden furniture needs certain repair work?

Veranda auf den Frühling vorbereiten sauber machen neue Gartenmöbel

Enjoy all the sunny hours outdoors! You deserve it!

Outdoor Möbel herausnehmen Schaukel

Take out the outdoor furniture, but only after you’ve removed the dust from them.

Take your time to look at the attached pictures and let yourself be further inspired for your household chores before the start of spring!

die Kaffeemaschine glänzt vor Sauberkeit so kann man gern Kaffee trinken

im Bad reinigen überall den Staub abwischen unnötige Dinge wegwerfen

Image 12: cleaning the bathroom throw away all small unnecessary things only leave the essentials in the best order and cleanliness prevail here

das Bad reinigen alle kleinen unnötigen Sachen

Schrank versteckter Arbeitsplatz To Do Liste PC Schreibtischstuhl

eingerichtetes Schlafzimmer

Originelle Atmosphäre rustikale Möbel

beste Ordnung schaffen in der Waschküche

Haus sauber machen alle technischen Geräte prüfen Bügeleisen putzen mögliche Reste entfernen

Schönes Wohnzimmer sauber machen

Schönes Wohnzimmer sauber machen geräumig

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