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Bathroom ideas – modern design and functionality in one

The perfect bathroom should and must no longer be an unfulfilled dream! But on the contrary! We want to prove it to you today using creative bathroom ideas and beautiful picture examples. Stay tuned and let us guide you to your new, modern bathroom!
Design a modern bathroom that is inviting and cozy and expresses your individuality.


The modern bathroom has to combine perfect design and high functionality in one


A modern bathroom design must reflect your individuality


You can be absolutely creative when designing your dream bathroom

It is very clear to all of us that a contemporary bathroom has primarily functional purposes. Therefore, functionality should be a top priority there! We want to share some great bathroom ideas that you can follow if you wish when designing your bathroom.


The modern furnishing style in the bathroom is now highly valued

asian-style bathroom ideas

Are you a fan of the Asian style?

The modern bathroom can be done in different styles. It can be minimalist or fancy, Scandinavian or Asian style. It wouldn’t be a problem if the perfect bathroom design also features classic design elements. Let your imagination run wild when planning your dream bathroom and you will definitely create something unique. Rely on elegant bathroom furniture that combines many functions. Still choose practical bathroom faucets that are actually the latest craze in bathroom design and you couldn’t go wrong with them. But on the contrary! You have to be absolutely sure that you have made a good choice! Matching tiles that visually subdivide the bathroom are also a successful option when designing your modern bathroom. Depending on your taste and style, are you considering a modern bathtub or do you prefer a walk-in shower? And why not both when you have enough space in the bathroom? There are currently great innovations for the modern bathroom that are definitely worth your attention. From the rain shower to the modern fittings with temperature control, anything would be possible, even highly desirable in the modern bathroom!

bathroom ideas sink

Surfaces with a high-gloss look are very trendy!

bathroom ideas

Modern geometric bathroom design is and will continue to be in demand!


Combine elegance and functionality in the modern bathroom

interesting bathroom design

What is it that defines the elegant bathroom?

bathroom design ideas

Do you want to achieve such a casual chic in your dream bathroom?

And a few more important things: As far as the color scheme is concerned, it is best to use muted, cool colors. Neutral shades are in! You could put a few splashes of color on their background and achieve a WOW effect. Evergreen flowers are also a must in the elegant bathroom. When it comes to bathroom design, you have a lot of freedom because it is possible to combine different materials. From wood to glass and metal to chrome, everything that makes the bathroom cozy and homely is now popular. Because the modern bathroom must combine a lot of comfort, relaxation options and the best functionality.

Our editors wish you a lot of fun and success in designing your modern dream bathroom!


Do you need some great ideas for your perfect bathroom?

tile bathroom ideas design

Modern bathroom ideas are always in great demand

design ideas-bathroom

Enjoy modern design and functionality in the perfect bathroom


Can you think of a better design idea for your modern bathroom?


Casual chic in the modern bathroom


Elegance and charm in one

modern bathroom mirror

Get the most out of your bathroom space!

large bathtub

The walk-in shower is a modern and very successful design option for every modern bathroom

walk-in shower-bathroom

There are no limits when it comes to bathroom design


In bathroom design, you need to think of everything in advance so that you can achieve the effect you want.

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