Baumgartner / ATV Expert: trailers for ATVs and quads

Baumgartner: presents trailers from ATV ExpertBaumgartner imports the ATV trailers from the Finnish specialist ATV Experts to Germany and Austria. But the ATV trailers are not the only trailers that Baumgartner has to offer to the quad scene… >>> Videos >>>

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Hans Baumgartner: detachable magnet rear lights for street legal up to 25 km/hUtility specialist Hans Baumgartner in Lenggries imports trailers from ATV Expert to Germany and Austria and presents the current models from the Finnish manufacturer for forest work. The range includes all-terrain ATV trailers for payloads from 400 to (theoretically) 1,400 kg, which are equipped by Baumgartner with magnetic lighting and can therefore be moved on the road at up to 25 km/h.

Wood: can and may be transported with Baumgartner's special trailer

Baumgartner’s own design

In addition, Baumgartner constructed a trailer himself that can be used to transport wood, beer crates, quads and even people.

Persons: CAN be transported with Baumgartner's special trailer (but are not allowed)

Passenger transport illegal

Of course, the latter should not be transported on German roads, that would be illegal. The ‘seats’ lengthways to the direction of travel, which are ideal for this, can of course also be understood as ramps for transporting an ATV.

Caravan 'Piccolino': should guarantee maximum attention behind Outlander & Co

Quad Caravan ‘Piccolino’

Baumgartner offers an eye-catcher with the caravan ‘Piccolino’, which was originally designed for Smart and small vintage cars (BMW Isetta), but also guarantees maximum attention from Outlander & Co.

Contact: Baumgartner

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