Bavaria: operation of tracked ATVs

Only with special permission: use of caterpillar ATVs on Bavarian snowIn Bavaria, the operation of motorized snow vehicles is strictly prohibited. ATVs with track systems may only be driven on public, open roads. Unless you have special permission…

The Bad Tölz Wolfratshausen District Office points out that the Bavarian Immission Control Act (BayImSchG) prohibits the operation of motorized snow vehicles. This primarily serves to protect nature and people from unnecessary noise pollution.
In addition to snow groomers, track setters, snow weasels and Skidoos, motorized snow vehicles also include ATVs that are equipped with so-called snow track systems (caterpillar undercarriages).
However, exceptions to this prohibition can be permitted if there is a need for this. Public safety and order must be taken into account, in particular safety on ski slopes and hiking trails, but also the protection of the vegetation cover and the protection of the general public or the neighborhood from unnecessary noise pollution. Approval under road traffic law does not release you from the requirement of an exception under immission control law.

The consequences for drivers of tracked ATVs

Anyone who has properly entered the caterpillar chassis in the papers and only uses it on public, non-blocked roads can drive it just like an ATV with ordinary tires. However, as soon as the paths are deserted and the closed snow cover is covered, the official eye regards tracked ATVs as snowmobiles, for which a special permit is required for their use. In order to obtain one, there must be a need that requires such a vehicle – for example supplying a mountain hut or operating a ski lift.
Just for fun, motorized snow vehicles may not be driven on Bavarian snow.

Contact: District Office Bad Tölz

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