Beast Hard To Love How To Love Album Download

If you are looking for a way to download Beast’s Hard to Love, How to Love album, then you have come to the right place. Listed below are the various ways you can download the album and listen to the songs. If you are looking for a free download of Beast’s Hard to Love, How to Love album, then keep reading. You will be glad you did. We hope that you enjoy this new release as much as we did.

After debuting on the music scene with advance ballad singles, BEAST has finally released their highly anticipated second album, Hard to Love, How to Loving. The members of the sextet have demonstrated their versatility over the last year, working on both solo projects and their own music production. The members have expanded their musical horizons with the release of this album. The LP covers a variety of genres, including hip-hop and electronic, with the main track “Shadow” featuring a sultry piano melody and powerful beats.

Beast released “Shadow” before releasing the album. This is another high-energy track taken from the album and continues the aggressive electropop beat that made them so famous. The track also features additional electronic flourishes. The harmonizing is minimal and fast, with the vocals sung in short sections. The main vocalist for Beast is Yo Seob, and her distinctive voice is easily recognizable and catchy.

Another single was released before the single. It raised the BPM a bit and served the same purpose as “Alright.” The focus was on the singer’s vocal ranges. The single reached No. 11 on the K-pop charts, making it one of the most successful K-pop releases of 2013.

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