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Beautiful autumn decorations with pumpkins create a good mood and cosiness at home

Every season has its special charm and always surprises us anew. For example, autumn scores with its unique blaze of colors and the numerous gifts of nature. Take a walk in the forest and you will see a beautiful natural color spectacle before your eyes. The colors range from saturated brown tones to fiery red and orange to light yellow. It is also very colorful at the farmers’ market at this time. Here everyone can find everything their heart desires according to their own preferences – ripe fruits in all colors of the color spectrum and vegetables of all kinds. Pumpkins in particular are now in great demand, because they not only taste great in the kitchen, but can also be used in any seasonal decoration great for inside and outside. We are taking a closer look at these today and below will show you the most beautiful ideas for an atmospheric autumn decoration with pumpkins. Stick with it and let it inspire you!

Beautiful autumn decorations with pumpkins give your festive table that certain something.

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen weiße Baby Boo Kürbisse auf Holztablett in der Mitte ein festlich gedeckter Tisch

Pumpkins are now in high season!

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen in einer rustikalen Schale drei Baby Boo Kürbisse ein großer grüner Kürbis etwas Grün

Which varieties are suitable for an atmospheric autumn decoration with pumpkins?

If you are interested in autumn decorations with pumpkins, you must first differentiate between the individual pumpkin varieties. You can currently find larger pumpkins at every fruit and vegetable market. In addition to being used in the kitchen, they can also be used as autumn decorations, for example the Hokkaido pumpkin, the butternut pumpkin or the classic pumpkin. But the white ones Baby boo Ornamental pumpkins are perfect for the autumn decoration with pumpkins. These are often made of small oranges Jack be Little Accompany pumpkins. How you use both types of decorative pumpkin, individually or together, depends primarily on your personal wishes for autumn decorations.

While it is getting cold and dark outside, your autumn decoration with pumpkins can create a good mood….

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen auf einem Holzbrett arrangiert Teelichter Gläser grüne Blätter gute Laune verbreiten Gemütlichkeit ausstrahlen

…. And ensure more cosiness in your own home!

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen kleine Kürbisse in einer Holzschale auf einer Kommode trockene Ziergräser Gemütlichkeit verbreiten

Autumn decoration with pumpkins for indoors and outdoors

Why should you decorate with pumpkins in autumn? The answer to this question is easy! On the one hand, pumpkins symbolize the fall season. They show what the soil and garden have brought us. In addition, there are pumpkins of different colors, sizes, and shapes. They can be wonderfully combined with other gifts of nature, for example with pine cones, chestnuts, acorns, dry ornamental grasses, ears of corn and us. With so many pluses for the autumn decoration, you have to use it for great table arrangements. You can not only spice up the dining table, but also the coffee or side table, a chest of drawers in the hallway or place it in front of the fireplace. The autumn decoration with pumpkins cuts a fine figure everywhere.

Pumpkins in different colors and sizes can be arranged in a wooden bowl with a little green.

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen in einer Holzschale auf der Fensterbank etwas Grün dazu schönes Arrangement

The perfect autumn decoration with pumpkins on the mantelpiece.

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen Kürbisse in Rosa und Grau auf dem Kaminsims etwas Grün dazu

Invite autumn into your home by decorating the doorway with pumpkins and chrysanthemums. You can put them on the stairs or on both sides of the front door. In any case, such an autumn decoration with pumpkins looks very attractive outside. With this you not only welcome your guests, but also the autumn!

Let the natural charm of this autumn decoration with pumpkins and chrysanthemums come to the fore outside!

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen draußen auf Treppen weiße Kürbisse Chrysanthemen Ziergräser natürlicher Charme

The pumpkins also look great in your house entrance in color and with a shine.

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen draußen Kürbisse in sanften Farben Rosa Grau mit Glanz verziert vor dem Hauseingang

Extra tip: All of the ideas selected here for an atmospheric autumn decoration with pumpkins have one more important advantage: they are very easy to imitate! Plus, you can’t go wrong with it! You can also involve the children in their design, because creating such a colorful decoration for indoors and / or outdoors is a lot of fun for young and old!

Strong orange tones look very inviting on the stairs in front of the house entrance.

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen kräftige Orange Töne Kürbisse Herbstblumen auf den Treppen vor dem Hauseingang sehr einladend

Invite autumn into your home!

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen vor der Haustür warme Farben Fußmatte Chrysanthemen

You can see what you can do pretty quickly with pumpkins in the following video:

What are you waiting for? Go to the market and get yourself beautiful pumpkins of different colors and then get started! You only need to use your imagination and nothing can stand in the way of your autumn decoration with pumpkins! Now scroll down and be further inspired by our great picture examples! The editors wish you a lot of fun and good luck with decorating with pumpkins!

Pumpkins arranged on stands immediately attract everyone’s attention.

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen weißer Kürbis auf Ständer richtiger Blickfang Herbstblätter Waldbeeren

These can be painted in different colors, painted or sprayed with a golden sheen.

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen gelber Kürbis auf Ständer grüner Kürbis kleiner weißer Kürbis schöne Deko Idee in der Ecke

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen weiße Kürbisse mit schwarzen Zig Zag Streifen verziert tolle Deko Idee

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen zwei große weiße Kürbisse mit Zig Zag Streifen in Schwarz und Hellbraun

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen Kürbisse in verschiedenen Farben und Größen etwas Glitzer

Check patterns are also an excellent decorating idea!

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen zwei weiße Kürbisse mit Karo Muster in Weiß Schwarz verziert auf einer orangefarbenen Wolldecke

But pink pumpkins are trendy this year!

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen neuer Trend Kürbisse in Rosa richtiger Blickfang grüne Blätter auf dem Kaminsims

The white Baby Boo pumpkins can be paired with various gifts of nature.

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen weiße Baby Boo Kürbisse herbstliche Tischdeko andere Gaben der Natur Herbstblätter trockene Ziergräser

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen weiße Baby Boo Kürbisse herbstliche Tischdeko Kaffeetisch im Korb grüne Blätter dazu

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen im rustikalen Zinkkübel trockene Weizenstängel

This autumn decoration with pumpkins on the coffee table is very classic.

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen weiße Baby Boo Kürbisse herbstliche Tischdeko Kaffeetisch im Wohnzimmer grüne Blätter

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen in Blau Weiß vor dem Kamin Girlande

Your autumn decoration with pumpkins can vary from rustic….

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen im rustikalen Stil gedeckter Tisch ländliche Atmosphäre

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen im rustikalen Stil gedeckter Tisch deko ideen

…. to be festive and spice up the dining table!

Herbstdeko mit Kürbissen festlich gedeckter Esstisch elegante Kerzen goldglänzendes Besteck grüne Blätter

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