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Beautiful balcony plants turn a balcony into a green oasis

Hello, dear flower friends! You have come to the right place today, because we have prepared a little guide for you. In this post we show great ideas in text and pictures how you can transform your balcony into a small green oasis. Yes, of course, with beautiful balcony plants! We value all the practical tips for greening a balcony, regardless of whether it is small or large. But today we want to focus on hanging baskets and small vertical gardens. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we deny other decorating ideas for the balcony. No not at all! You can always put a vase of beautiful and wonderfully fragrant roses on the balcony table and admire their flowers, colors and aroma. But you still need something for a green oasis outside your balcony door. You will find out what that is in a moment!

Balkonpflanzen rosa Rosen auf dem Balkontisch Blickfang

Create a beautiful eye-catcher on the balcony!

  • Hanging lights with green balcony plants create a small jungle

If you have a small balcony and have little space there, you shouldn’t be discouraged or give up interesting ideas with balcony plants. Add a decidedly green touch to the balcony by hanging some hanging baskets. You will immediately feel the difference, you will feel like you are in a jungle and you will easily relieve the stress of everyday life. Treat yourself to some time outside and enjoy the jungle feeling! Soon you will definitely be more relaxed.

Balkon gestalten wie Urwald grüne Balkonpflanzen verstärken das Jungle Feeling

Green climbing plants enhance the jungle feeling on the balcony.

  • Colorful balcony plants transform the balcony into a colorful sea of ​​flowers

Why should one limit oneself to only the green color? Introduce more cheerful mood to the balcony and choose beautiful balcony plants that bloom all summer long. Such are, for example, petunias, angel’s trumpets, geraniums and daisies. The early bloomers are also very eye-catching and enchanting with their colors and flowers. At the beginning of spring you can plant tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses in hanging boxes and quickly combat the winter depression. With a little more color and a beguiling floral aroma, you can improve your mood and recharge your batteries.

A typical motley design in a rural style

Wand auf dem Boden schöne Balkonpflanzen

So many colorful balcony plants make up your unique outdoor oasis

Viele schöne Balkonpflanzen auf den Wänden Außentreppe einmalige Outdoor Oase kreieren

You can also read our articles online about greening balconies, where you will also find useful information about the most suitable herbs that can be grown outside the balcony door and how the balcony plants serve as privacy screens. You can find lots of creative ideas and practical tips on our website. We constantly strive to help you with clever tips and tricks in everyday life.

Beautiful balcony plants also serve as privacy screens.

Balkonpflanzen viel Grün weiße Blüten als Sichtschutz auf dem Balkon dienen

Farbenmix bei der Balkongestaltung sehr auffallend Balkonpflanzen als Sichtschutz

A mix of colors in the balcony design is very striking and brings you many plus points.

Balkon Lieblingsplatz draußen in jeder Saison schöne Balkonpflanzen

The balcony can be your favorite place outside, whatever the season.

Does your dream balcony look the same? Mine too!

Schöne Balkongestaltung viele farbenfrühe Balkonpflanzen Traumbalkon kreieren

Schöne Balkongestaltung viele farbenfrühe Balkonpflanzen Traumbalkon kreieren.

The hanging baskets with these beautiful flowers are great highlights on this balcony.

Schöne Balkonpflanzen Hängeampeln Highlights auf dem Balkon als Sichtschutz dienen

Enjoy a little piece of nature on the balcony

Balkonpflanzen kleines Stück Natur auf dem Balkon genießen

Balkonpflanzen Stück Natur auf dem Balkon genießen

Balkonpflanzen Blumen in Kaffeetassen kleines Stück Natur auf dem Balkon genießen

Balkonpflanzen Pflanzkübel hervorragende Gestaltungsidee auf dem Balkon

Balkonpflanzen eingepflanzt ins Holzgestell Pflanzkübel Zink hängende Blumendeko

Blumen als Tischdeko Schlicht und dennoch hübsch

Pflanzkübel als Sichtschutz für den Balkon

Kleiner Balkon mit verschiedenen Pflanzen und Kräutern

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