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Beautiful Christmas table decorations are always a real eye-catcher

We all know that the Christmas table decorations are an essential part of our preparation for the big festival. Today we want to deal with this topic further and show you 12 great decoration arrangements that make your Christmas table look special and turn it into a real eye-catcher. If you are already curious, stick with it and admire the decoration ideas and the beautiful pictures!

christmas table decorations

An arrangement in red and gold stands in the middle of the festive table

This is a quick and easy way to make an amazing centerpiece for your Christmas table. In order to realize this decoration idea, you need small pine branches that you have to braid together to make a wreath. You will also need red and gold glass balls, berry bush branches and a large glass. With a lot of imagination and skill, you could arrange a real piece of jewelry for your Christmas table that everyone would love!


Small cardboard fir-trees on a shiny red background

You can make these little cardboard Christmas trees together with your children and teach them new handicrafts and artistic skills. It’s also a super easy way to add extra flair to your festive table for Christmas. You can still label the small fir trees and they serve as placeholders on the festively decorated table.


Bring the beauty of nature home

Incorporate various natural elements into the Christmas decorations and you can be sure of creating something beautiful! As shown in the picture: a small, white porcelain deer stands in front of a rosemary pot, surrounded by gifts of nature – cones and birch bark. A couple of acorns would also go wonderfully with this arrangement, wouldn’t they?


What draws the eye here? The beautiful tartan tablecloth or what is written on it?

A classic tartan tablecloth spices up the Christmas table immediately, but in a natural way, without making it look pompous. The seats are already assigned by small vintage balls that are decorated with name tags. Small pine branches, evergreen leaves, fairy lights and candles complete the festive look.

table decoration

Simple but beautiful! The small details make your table decoration unique!

Of course you shouldn’t overdo it with the festive table decoration, then you will achieve a stronger effect. You could even use the deer from a children’s toy collection and put them on the table. Spread a little green here and there on the table and that would be all!


It should be color coordinated!

Make sure you think about the color harmony and choose only the typical Christmas colors for your table decoration – white, red and green. Sometimes one or the other of these three colors dominates, but if everything is color coordinated this might not be a problem. We want to turn our festive table into an eye-catcher, not a look-out, don’t we?


An imaginative decoration with Christmas balls

Let your imagination run wild and create something beautiful yourself in the midst of the set banquet table. You can never go wrong with this, so act brave! There are no limits to the festive Christmas table decorations!


Shiny gold leaves immediately attract everyone’s attention!

In the shops you can find lots of great things to use in your Christmas decorations. But these shiny gold leaves are made of brass and instantly attract everyone’s attention. You can use these as festive dishes and serve nuts and other delicacies there.

elegant christmas table decoration

Decorated with attention to detail

Yes, in many cases it is the small details that make the wonderful festive decorations. It is an art to discover beauty where others cannot see it. As it is shown in the picture here! Small deer cups enchant us with their silver sheen, a few pine cones and candlelights complete the look. The elegant Christmas table decoration is just perfect!


Angel wings for the dining room chairs

White is undoubtedly the predominant color in Christmas decorations. White angel wings reinforce the holiday spirit in the dining room and transform the chairs into the undisputed centerpiece of the evening!

vintage vase

Elegant in white

A vintage vase of delicate white flowers stands in the center of this dining table and sets the tone. It is surrounded by pine branches to add some contrast. Without further ado, this arrangement is adorable!

beautiful-winter-table decoration

Get your festive china out of the closet and flaunt it!

White porcelain with a golden edge and festively glittering cutlery are waiting for the guests! Bell bells spread a festive sparkle and reinforce the festive atmosphere!

If you think one or some of these decorating ideas are great, try doing them at home. It’s so easy to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home!

Have a wonderful and eventful Christmas!

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