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Beautiful fabric is what makes the right carpet

The carpets have multiple tasks to fulfill in the room, firstly as a floor covering, secondly as a foot warmer and thirdly as a material with a pleasant feel. One would have to be careful when choosing a carpet, because a home textile has it all to change the appearance and atmosphere of a room. The right material is one of the things that make an accurate choice. Do you want to find out more about the right choice before buying your new carpet? Stay with us and read on!

Why a carpet and not a different floor covering?

First and foremost, a carpet makes walking on a hard, cool stone or wooden floor much more comfortable. If you opt for a wool carpet with a suitable base layer, it would have an extra soundproofing and warming effect. A wooden floor, especially in old apartments, could appear too cold. In this case, you would definitely miss the walking comfort and the soft feel of a quality carpet.

Living room classic stucco ceiling geometric pattern carpet

Size proportions: a small carpet would get lost here

Patterned stairwell carpet risers

A bold solution for the wooden floor in the hallway and stairwell

The wool carpets are warm and colored, they offer you a lot of comfort and cosiness in the cold winter time. In summer, of course, we take turns and prefer soft, light textiles.

Tip: When redesigning a room, the main focus should be on the choice of carpet. It is recommended that the respective decor is determined more precisely afterwards. The wallpaper and the wall color are color coordinated with the floor covering.

From a practical point of view, there are a few questions to ask yourself before buying a good quality carpet. Which material is right for my room? What is the room for and how is it often used? Does the room serve as a relaxation area or does it have another function? In addition, one should determine whether children or pets could possibly pollute the expensive purchase. After these answers, colors and patterns will be discussed in detail according to personal preferences. So plan on a function-related basis.

Country kitchen carpet leaves pattern white ocher yellow

In the country kitchen, the carpet appears very cozy with its generous patterns

A stain-resistant material such as polypropylene would make sense for the children’s room.

Carpet choice children's room stain resistant polypropylene

In the children’s room, the carpet made of stain-resistant polypropylene would be a suitable floor covering

In order not to worry about the exact size of the carpet, choose the largest possible variant for your room. Arrange the furniture on the carpet so that at least their front legs are on the carpet. This creates a coherent look.

Textile flooring honeycomb shape pattern vintage

The carpet with honeycomb pattern in wine red and white complements the room optically

In addition, a large carpet that takes up almost all of the available room space would undoubtedly dominate the ambience and make a good impression.

Living room interior doors carpet rectangular anthracite white

The rectangular carpet clearly frames the small living room

For the bedroom, people like to use two carpet runners on either side of the bed. A large rug would also look great under the bed if it was visible from both sides. Would you like to freshen up your bedroom with a gorgeous new flooring? A silk carpet would delight you every day when you get up.

Carpet floor silk carpet bedroom oriental

The silk carpet is a real luxury for every bedroom

Why not try carpeting? Flexibility and regular change are important factors when it comes to textile floor coverings.

Bedroom living idea carpet square blue

Square rugs fit the shape of the room and are preferred for this reason

Small living room rug shaggy gray

The deep-pile carpet brings a striking feel to the interior

Living room flooring natural fiber striped pink purple

Striped carpet optically creates space in the otherwise small room

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