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Beautiful for indoors and outdoors in autumn

Leisure time is over, but accessories with a southern feel lengthen the holiday mood. Warm autumn colors also create a cozy atmosphere in your own four walls and spread a good mood even in bad weather.

Italian way of life


wonderful wine barrow

Despite the autumn, you could easily invite the south to your home by awakening memories of warm summer evenings in a cozy trattoria with the help of a beautiful wine carafe. A glass of good red wine and you feel like you are in “Bella Italia”, even though it may be uncomfortable outside.

Distinctive porters


beautiful autumn colors

Beautiful plant pots in cheerful colors look simply beautiful in the autumn garden. Many of them are frost-resistant and unbreakable. Decorated with the matching autumn flowers, they shine in cheerful colors and are the ideal companion for autumn in any ambience. For example, chrysanthemums would be ideal, the color palette of the flowers ranging from warm golden yellow to bronze-red to deep orange. Green tones are also extremely popular. Chrysanthemums in white, pink and purple nuances give off a subtle and calm aura.

Versatile chandelier



The candle holder with integrated fruit bowl can be redecorated for every occasion. Filled with pumpkins, pine cones or fresh fruit, it easily adapts to the current season.

A cozy place to dream



The window with the cheerful windowsill to sit on, beautifully designed with cozy decorative pillows is the right place for every daydreamer. In this way, the last rays of the sun can be wonderfully protected from wind and cold in your own four walls.

Colorful arrangements around the house




When late summer slowly draws towards autumn, nature draws all sides of its art of metamorphosis again. This is an invitation to decorate the balcony and terrace in autumn. Beautiful, sand-proof pots defy the first autumn winds. Large lanterns protect the candle flames from being blown out. This is how beautiful points of light are set. Ceramic vases arranged with autumn flowers bring a good mood to the table.

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