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Beautiful garden huts in different designs

There could be quite a variety of reasons for wanting to build a garden shed. Modern establishments are designed as homely retreats with a sauna or as a quiet home office, or, in contrast, intended for sociable evenings with friends. In addition, a garden shed can only be used as a storage room for your garden tools, old bicycles or as an occasional guest house.

A carefully tended garden shed can be recognized immediately by its appearance. From a purely aesthetic point of view, such a small building beautifies the whole courtyard. When it comes to the exterior facade, the garden sheds can have many visions. We all know the alpine style, the Scottish holiday cottages, the Asian bamboo huts and these Bauhaus style with flat roofs. The mini house can either look similar to the nearby buildings or, more conveniently, be adapted to the type of use.

We will briefly introduce you to great photo examples and explanations of the different uses:

  1. Home office close to nature in the backyard

Home office, hobby room, studio, garden shed modern

Quiet study that is completely separated from the rest of the house

Our schedule is often full of very different tasks – those for the household, the children, the job. At the same time, you want to have some free time for hobbies or DIY projects.

The garden shed can only be useful in such activities. Although only a tiny office can be set up in it, it creates a certain distance from everyday life and all upcoming events. The view of the green and the singing birds invite you to be more creative when reading, writing or doing other tasks that have been postponed for a long time.

  1. Additional bathroom equipment
Garden shed additional equipment bathtub backyard

The garden house with bathtub is designed exactly according to the ideas of the homeowner

This daring idea would be ideal for the brave who don’t have a bathtub in their home. A small oasis of wellbeing can thus be created in the garden hut, which is only a few steps away from your own house.

With terracotta tiles and hinged windows and ivy, these homeowners have hit the bull’s eye!

  1. Ecological garden shed
Cottage greenhouse wood stone brick

This garden shed adapts perfectly to the landscape

Is it a holiday home or is it the house owned by Hansel and Gretel? The near-natural material, namely cordwood, gives the facade a rural, fairytale look. The inside of the house is decorated with warm floor tiles. Inside, the owners take care of their vegetables – tomatoes, shallots and beautiful flowers!

  1. Small-format greenhouse
Greenhouse backyard generous window climbing roses

Delicate climbing roses adorn the entrance and the spacious windows

In this summer house you will find numerous orchids and vegetable seeds. Busy with plant care, you could let hours go by in the quiet. That sounds particularly attractive for big city kids, doesn’t it?

  1. Garden shed made from recycled materials
Summer hut backyard moss green wooden beams

Summer hut in the back yard in moss green with wooden beams in front

Not everyone can give old things a new life, but some people have a knack for recycling old objects. The more experience, the more new ideas can come to mind!

Wood, stone, brick: different building materials and various uses give us numerous ideas for our own garden redesign.

Do you also have a garden shed? What purpose should it serve?

Garden hut house side pergola insert plants

Designate an area specifically for plant care

Garden house guest house yard gray red

A fully equipped mini house could occasionally accommodate guests

Summer hut pent roof retreat living room garden

Open the doors and enjoy the sociable summer evenings in the fresh air

Garden shed wood large Fesnter sofa set up

The large windows allow a close proximity to nature

Garden shed tropical outdoor storage space garden tools

Hobby gardeners need extra storage space, here in the form of a garden shed

Dream house urban gardening gardening city

A beautiful garden in the city, done in style

Modern minimalist housing estate garden house guest house

Natural modular house with a modern look for garden and plant lovers

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