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Begonia the flower for indoors and outdoors

The begonia is a widespread ornamental plant across Europe. It originally comes from tropical areas, so it grows wonderfully indoors and outdoors. With its colorful flowers, the begonia can decorate the interior or introduce a lot of color into the garden or balcony. Begonias can thrive outdoors from spring until the first frost. But then they have to hibernate indoors in a frost-free room.

Begonia beautiful flower

Begonias can be grown anywhere outside in the bed, on the balcony or inside at home

The blooms and colors of the begonias always turn these flowers into a real eye-catcher. They show us their delicate flowers, which come in very different colors. In order to enjoy this sea of ​​colors at home, on the balcony or in the garden, you have to take proper care of your begonias. In principle, these garden and ornamental plants are easy to care for, so they do not require special attention. Here are a few tips for caring for begonia in a nutshell: First choose the right location for these flowers. That should be a light, partially shaded place inside or outside. The begonia does not like the strong midday sun. Water them more often 3-4 times a week during the hot months, but avoid waterlogging. Fertilize 1-2 times a week in spring and summer, not more in autumn.

beautiful ornamental begonia

The begonias bloom without great demands, the ornamental plant for indoors and outdoors is easy to care for

We only have to briefly mention that there are around 900 varieties of begonia and numerous hybrids. We would now like to briefly present some of the most typical varieties:

  1. Ice Begonia (Begonia semperflorens)

The ice begonia is also known under the name Schiefblatt or Gottesauge. It is easy to care for, also suitable for beginners. The ice begonia prefers sunny to partially shaded places and can reach a height of 20 to 40 cm. Its leaves are easily brittle. Its delicate flowers are deep red and the green leaves have a special shimmer.

Begonia semperflorens

The ice begonia is an easy-care bedding and balcony plant.

  1. Tuberous Begonia (Begonia tuberhybrida)

The tuberous begonia comes from the tropical regions of Brazil. It blooms in different shades of orange and delights us with its magnificent flowers in summer, but has its resting phase in winter. It spends the cold months as dormant tubers. These can be planted outside again in spring. Like all begonias, this variety is easy to care for, likes a partially shaded location, because the bright midday sun is not good for it. The tuberous begonias are annual plants.

Begonia turberhybrida

The tuberous begonia has beautiful orange flowers and delights us with its splendor outside in the bed.

  1. King Begonia (Begonia rex)

The Begonia rex is known nationwide as leaf or royal begonia. In contrast to the varieties mentioned above, it impresses with its wonderful leaves, but its flowers are rather inconspicuous. It thrives very well in a sunny to partially shaded spot where the sun shines in the morning and evening. It is better to avoid the strong mid-gas sun, because it does not have a good effect, and even has a negative effect on the foliage of the royal begonia. Moderate watering and fertilization is the order of the day, as is the case with the other begonia varieties. But never let this ornamental flower dry out. Propagation is done by leaf or shoot cuttings.

Begonia rex

Choose the right location, avoid the bright midday sun and enjoy the brightly colored leaves of the royal begonia!

  1. Eliator begonia (Begonia x hiemalis)

This variety of begonia is one of the most popular indoor plants. It is not at all demanding and very easy to look after, but it is definitely floriferous. Just like ice cream and royal begonia, it thrives indoors and outdoors. One can also make further parallels. This variety likes a partially shaded and warm location, the temperature must not drop below 15 degrees. The eliator begonia blooms in different colors, its flowers are delicate and beautiful. If it is warm and sunny in the room, it can also bloom in winter.

Begonia x hiemalis

The Eliator Begonia is easy to care for, but it is floriferous.

begonia benariensis garden decoration ideas

The ice begonia always steals the show!

plants garden Begonias decorating exterior

Begonia rex the royal begonia can be so beautifully colored in dark red

Begonias care garden design

balcony planting ideas begonia

The leaves of the royal begonia can be quite colored

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