Ben Sweat

Ben Sweat – Men’s Les Benjamins Sweats Are Fresh, Directional and Eclectic

Les Benjamins from Istanbul is making waves in contemporary streetwear fashion with its eclectic yet innovative offerings. Drawing its inspiration from humor, pop culture stars, historical world events, and tongue-in-cheek designs – Les Benjamins produces men’s Les Benjamins sweats with playful yet contemporary touches that stand out.

Sets featuring tonal-twin hoodies and sweat shorts featuring provocative slogans or prints make the perfect everyday pieces.

Achievement and Honors

Les Benjamins label is an Istanbul-based label that has made its mark in contemporary streetwear. Launched by Bunyamin Aydin, Les Benjamins draws its inspiration from popular culture celebrities and world events to produce innovative T-shirts with playful slogans or patchwork photos for an edge to contemporary street style.

The play opened March 26 at Studio 54 after an outstanding preview run earlier in the season, earning Tony nominations for Best Revival of a Play and for Hawkins as lead actor – however neither win was awarded during awards night itself.

Lynn Nottage, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, directs this gripping drama about Reading, Pennsylvania’s working class. Nottage’s depiction of our current economic crisis with compassion, humor and suspense makes for an exceptional piece.

Personal Life

Ben Sweat was an extrovert who deeply loved his family. At family reunions, he would lead lively activities; moreover, he often led bizarre adventures – once convincing his siblings and cousins to go mountain biking along a mesa near Zion!

He was an exceptional dancer who regularly competed at regional and national competitions, performing as part of Sweat dancers which won multiple local awards before taking their talent professional level.

Personal: He married Stella O’Bryan and has three children together. In his personal life, he is a big fan of football and basketball; has participated in multiple charity events; supports various causes related to sports including breast cancer research efforts.

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