Benefits of Cooking and Eating Indian Mackerel

Many Singapore families like to eat seafood since fish are tasty and nutritious. However, there are a wide variety of fish available which vary in their taste, price and nutrients. Many families have a limited budget for purchasing fish, so they are interested in a tasty and affordable fish. The indian mackerel also called the kembong is one of the most affordable fish available in Singapore. Many people would like to find out who is selling the best mackerel in Singapore so that they can order it for themselves. Some of the considerations while purchasing mackerel are discussed.


One of the main considerations while purchasing the mackerels is the quality. It is better to purchase mackerels which are caught in the wild, since they are healthier. In Singapore, the mackerel caught in the coastal waters of Vietnam are popular, and are suitable for making a variety of Asian dishes, The mackerel should be fresh for better taste. In addition to protein, these mackerels contain Omega-3 which helps in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The mercury and toxin levels in the mackerel are low, so families can consume these mackerels regularly without any health problems,


A large number of families in Singapore are opting to purchase frozen mackerel online is because it is very convenient for them. They do not have to spend time and money visiting the local fish market to purchase mackerel. Additionally the mackerel is cleaned, gutted and descaled, so family members do not have to spend their time cleaning, gutting and removing fish scales from the mackerel. When they wish to cook and eat the mackerel, they only have to remove it from the refrigerator, and let it thaw. The mackerel are processed at a halal certified facility so everyone can consume the mackerel.


Compared to other frozen fish available in Singapore, like salmon, tiger fish, red garoupa, sting ray, indian mackerel are the cheapest fish available with 500 grams of fish available for only Singapore $4.5 at some stores. The frozen mackerel is sold in packs of 500 grams. Each pack will usually contain four fish, which are cleaned and frozen. These online stores selling frozen fish are usually offering free shipping for orders above a certain value, typically $60. For smaller orders, the shipping is calculated at the time of checkout. It is better to purchase fish from sellers who offer quick delivery, usually the same day or within a few days.


Based on the personal preferences of the family members and time available, there are multiple methods of cooking fish. If family members are not calorie conscious, they can deep fry the fish, to get the best taste. Alternately they can pan fry the fish coating the fish with flour and spices, this is preferred if there is less time. Many families prefer to use mackerel can be used for making spicy fish curry . Usually the fish is cut into pieces while making fish curry so that the spices will be absorbed by the fish for better taste.

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